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Italy..The Pope..and now this..

Is the financial collapse of Italy going to be the final blow that breaks the back of Europe financially?  Most people don’t realize this, but Italy is actually the third largest debtor in the entire world after the United States and Japan.  Italy currently has a debt to GDP ratio of more than 120 percent, and Italy has a bigger national debt than anyone else in Europe does.

Cease Fire in Syria?… not according to Scripture

US joins Russia in drawing ceasefire lines for ending Syrian war

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 28, 2013, 9:51 AM (GMT+02:00)
John Kerry on first foreign tripJohn Kerry begins his stint as US Secretary of State with the recognition that there is only one way to prevent Islamist groups from taking over the Syrian rebel movement while also preserving US influence in the rebel camp: and that is by working with the Russian plan for Syria. debkafile reveals that this plan is based on drawing armistice lines for dividing Syria up into sectors controlled variously by Syrian opposition groups and Assad loyalists. Russia and America will jointly oversee those sectors.


by Andrew Strom

It all started with a 2009 blog post by Rob Buckingham, pastor
of a large Pentecostal megachurch called ‘Bayside’ in Melbourne,
Australia. His blog post was entitled, “Is Jesus Anti-Gay?” and
made the case for ‘acceptance’ being the true Christian attitude
toward Homosexuals. Now bear in mind that this is not some
“liberal” church or ‘liberal’ congregation here. This fellowship is
part of the “C3″ (Christian City Church) denomination – one of
the largest mainstream Pentecostal groups in Australia. That is
why the Gay community was so delighted by it all.


The Error in Acceptance of Sin

Jesus was known throughout the New Testament during his ministry to heal the sick, make the blind see, give hearing to those that were deaf, cure leprosy, even raise those from the dead.

One of the more crucial times Christ forgave sin, was Mary Magdalene. Brought to him by the council of Teachers of the Law, they were going to stone her to death for her act of adultery. When Jesus told them that those without no sin could cast the first stone..they all one by one laid down their stones, for they all had sin in their lives, even though they taught the law.


Chris Putnam, Co-Author of “Petrus Romanus”

A must watch video for some revealing information on what is ahead for the Church, The Rapture, and the next and final Pope. Should this prophecy be found to be true and used by God to usher in the tribulation period, then the return of Christ is just that much closer…

Rare superbug emerging in U.S. elicits advisory warning from CDC

Published February 27, 2013

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is alerting clinicians of an emerging untreatable multidrug-resistant organism in the United States.

There are many forms of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), but of the 37 forms reported in the U.S., 15 have been reported in less than a year.

The CDC said the increase in CRE means health care providers need to “act aggressively to prevent the emergence and spread of these unusual CRE organisms.”


The Pope..The Dawning of a NEW AGE, and The Rapture of the Church

MY OH MY..I was struck with this at work today and it hit me like a ton of bricks…Remember the song in the 60′s sung by The 5th Dimension?


We are not nor have we ever promoted astrology, but I want you to read this article I am writing and also what I have found since 2:30pm EST today and SEE what I’m talking about..this is utterly amazing and fascinating!!

Prophecies of our end times….

Another spine tingling video…the last days will produce visions, dreams, and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit..

Why did President Obama wear a wedding band more than 20 years ago?

Here is another video that will obviously give you the chills..If Barack Obama is THE Anti-Christ..then this video has just given light on another aspect of that…

Whats wrong with this picture?

Five Carriers in Norfolk



I was in the U.S .military for 30 years and the U.S. Navy for 24 years and retired out of Norfolk as an Intel Officer.

I can tell you, having lived in Virginia Beach for 12 of those years (30 minutes to the Naval Base) that having five U.S. carriers in port at one time,IS CREATING THE PERFECT TARGET.

Such a move is insanity….unless you are TRYING to ‘set up the Navy’ for a missile attack.

Now, who what ‘American’ president or CINCUSNAV would EVER do such a thing.

Three guesses and the first two just don’t count.

Hint: He has three vowels in his name and if you rearrange the letters they spell USURPER.

Dr. Tom (LCDR, USN-ret)

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