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Storm Clouds are Gathering..a persepctive on The Syrian Crisis

Excellent Video…watch


Peter Schiff, our endorsed economic forecaster for Prophecies Of The End Times Radio Ministry is sounding the alarm again as he did back in 2007 when the economy crashed…This video is 17 minutes of the most accurate information you will hear from a Wall Street Forecaster. We show this video not to get you ready for collapse, or to tell you to go out and buy $1,000′s of food…but to give you yet another tool, to help bring those that are lost into the Kingdom….show your loved ones this video…pray that they accept Christ as their Savior and Messiah.

US sends additional warship to Mediterranean..6 total

UN inspectors leave Syria as US stations 6th warship in Mediterranean

Team of weapons investigators will head to Europe to examine traces of possible use of WMDs, amid talk of military intervention

A team of UN chemical weapons inspectors, who have been in Damascus for several days gathering evidence of a possible chemical weapons attack near Damascus on August 21, left Syria early Saturday morning, crossing into Lebanon. This came just hours after US President Barack Obama said he was weighing “limited and narrow” action against a Syrian regime that the administration has bluntly accused of launching the deadly attack which it says killed 1,429 people.

Did Obama cause an Abomination?


I am on very high alert for the next 12 days or so. I truly believe we are about to see some amazing events take place. When I found out that Obama was going to go to the Church of the Nativity, I just could not believe it. I had written to some friends in late January that we should watch for the abomination to be set up on March 21 or 22, 2013. These were the dates that the Lord had shown to me.At that time, Obama had not scheduled any trip to Israel and I did not know what this abomination would be exactly. But if someone would have asked me what my #1 scenario would be, I would have told them that Obama going to the Church of the Nativity would be a definite “final nail in the coffin”, so to speak – that this absolutely would qualify for the abomination taking place.

Assad May Hit Back At Israel For US Strike, Trusting Obama To Tie Israel’s Hands Against Major Reprisal

Many believe this is it..we have arrived..this is either the biggest show of muscle ever in the Middle east, or all nations that would come against Israel in Psalms 83 are there…either way, we live in the most prophetic time a generation has seen for the return of Christ..and I AM GEEKED!!!! We know how the end comes about, we know who wins this fight..we know who the victory belongs too, and this is just the beginning..yet almost ALL that you speak too..don’t believe. How sad that prophetic writing on the wall could not be more visible..more plain to see, and most choose not to see it and perish. Christians who THINK they are going to get right with GOD quickly…or they too will perish

Obama calls for “limited strike” on Syria…GOD calls for MAGOG and hooks him in the mouth

The world is sitting and watching and waiting…at least some are..while the majority of people go about their business as usual. As I proceeded to tell someone at work today what prophetic significance this is and how it will unfold..somebody yelled..”Who cares Parker…nobody believes that end time crap..” Just then, my mind wen to the verse that Jesus stated..”As it was in the days of shall it be also in the coming of the Son of Man…what was so ironic about all of this…the guy doing the yelling is named “Cain” and he was working with another guy named “Adam”…..for real..God has a sense of humor, even in times of complete utter prophetic destruction…Lift up your eyes saints..our redemption draweth nigh…

Saudi Arabia threatens to cut ties of oil with any country that opposes El Sissi

As the Prophecy of Isaiah 17 unfolds further, and as biblical history repeats itself, King Abdullah has threatened to cut economic and oil ties with any country that opposes the new regime in place in Egypt with EL Sissi in charge. Obama has threatened to cut all financial aid to Egypt, but the King problem..we’ll replace it and A LOT more…..THIS could be the fulfillment of the “fierce king ” that takes control of Egypt and truly gives Israel a “cup of trembling” as the largest middle east army becomes an enemy. You can also count on Syria to join the likes of Egypt once the smoke clears. Also, the Supreme Leader of The Muslim Brotherhood is detained by the Egyptian Military. Sources are reporting, but cannot yet be confirmed, that this man detained has made contact with John McCain and is threatening to release information regarding Congress, and the Obama Administrations role in Egypt, and Bengahzi that would quote “put Obama behind bars”.  The story appeared on one of our sources that yet has confirmed the report…stay tuned.Exclusive DEBKA FILE STORY follows

California Gov. declares state of emergency as wildfire spreads into Yosemite.

As we researched the origins of this fire, we found that this fire, possibly soon to be declared the worst fire in California history, and now causing the Governor of California to declare a state of Emergency in San Francisco, as the story that follows will confirm, was started by a “lightning strike” due to a lightning storm.

Did we say lightning strike? (GOD) and did we say San Francisco ( The city of California where Harry Hay started the Gay Agenda back in the 50′s?)

As we know, California recently passed Gay Marriage and struck down DOMA and Prop 8 and then Christians tried to get the order stopped by filing an appeal in court..that appeal was also struck down..and GOD struck DOWN his disapproval. The fire as the article states is only 2% contained, and as we fear, will cause major damage to San Francisco’s Electric Grid, and even perhaps the city…..we will have to wait and see what the Lord has in store….

WOE to the Leaders of America…

Saeb ErekatErekat: “The U.S. Guaranteed All Our Preconditions Will be Met”

PA negotiator claims: Before we agreed to resume peace talks, the U.S. guaranteed us in writing that all our preconditions will be met.

By Elad Benari

First Publish: 8/21/2013, 6:12 AM
We have just learned through Israeli news that John Kerry, and President Obama have guaranteed that ALL PRE CONDITIONS WILL BE MET for Peace talks to continue…

The Palestinian Authority (PA) agreed to resume peace talks with Israel without preconditions? Not according to chief negotiator Saeb Erekat.

THE MOST ASTOUNDING prophecies here to date regarding The Rapture and The Return of Christ!!!

Rabbi Judah ben SamuelGet ready to read one of the most astounding articles we have found to date regarding prophecies and the return of Christ. As we have seen so far in the first 5 years of the Obama Administration, and the Middle East..I truly believe that after you read this article, you will see CLEARLY the pieces of the mystery that Paul told the church in Thesolonica, and how the Middle East plays a significant role in the return of Christ. This article is a document with centuries of predictions and prophecies told by one of Israels most trusted and gifted Rabbi’s.

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