Daily Archives: November 4, 2013

False Prophet Eli Kittim?…and the Message he brings

The bible is clearly a prophetic book. According to studies done by John F Walvoord, who served for more than 60 years as an author, teacher, Pastor, and professor of Eschatology at Dallas Theological Seminary, the bible contains prophecy in each book of the bible. Prophecies that were and have become fulfilled, and yet to be fulfilled.

However, no where in any of our studies have we found ANY evidence that supports what the man I am going to tell you about has claimed.

Let me introduce to you ELI KITTIM…now this is not his real name. It is an alias he uses to write his book.

Eli claims that he has proof that the bible as Christians believe it is a myth, and that Jesus has not come to earth yet..His fist coming has not arrived….

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