2014..The Year of no Summer?

propheciesslide18Could 2014 be a historical year of Siberian Cold and no Summer? Sound crazy? In 1816 it happened, and was recorded in documented history as being the year of no summer. Crops failed due to snow in June, July, and August, with freezing temperatures. Experts agree..with the recent rash of Volcano eruptions around the world, and the drastic changes in our climate and eco system, God could be preparing the world for the coming tribulation period, and the return of Christ…where famine and pestilences are the new normal.The Year Without a Summer (also known as the Poverty Year, The Summer that Never Was, Year There Was No Summer, and Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death[1]) was 1816, in which severe summer climate abnormalities caused average global temperatures to decrease by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1.3 °F),[2] resulting in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.[3][4] Evidence suggests that the anomaly was caused by a combination of a historic low in solar activity with a volcanic winter event, the latter caused by a succession of major volcanic eruptions capped by the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), the largest known eruption in over 1,300 years. The Little Ice Age, then in its concluding decades, may also have been a factor.


The Year Without a Summer was an agricultural disaster. Historian John D. Post has called this “the last great subsistence crisis in the Western world”.[5] The unusual climatic aberrations of 1816 had the greatest effect on the northeastern United States, Atlantic Canada, and parts of western Europe. Typically, the late spring and summer of the northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada are relatively stable: temperatures (average of both day and night) average between about 68 °F (20 °C) and 77 °F (25 °C) and rarely fall below 41 °F (5 °C). Summer snow is an extreme rarity.

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What would happen to the world if this climate change should happen again in the United States?

The world food organization has stated that the world is one season away from global and catastrophic famine, should an event like this one take place in the United States…Could this be happening again in the coming years of 2014 or 2015 with the blood red moons and solar eclipses?

We believe that major changes are coming to our planet, and that those that are here to experience it, will never experience anything like it again in their lifetimes.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this report…pray and watch for the Lord’s return

Michael Parker

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  1. Anne says:

    Will we, the believers be here for this?? Or is this after e rapture? Should we be getting emergency food?

    • These things will happen before the rapture. Many believe the rapture comes before the final 7 year period, but this is a mistaken belief. All the evidence points to the rapture taking place within the second half of the 7 years, at the sixth seal, but before the trumpets and bowls of God’s wrath. If you are interested in learning more, check out my FREE ebook on the topic. It is on the documents tab the webpage for my published book, at http://theprewrathrapturebook.webs.com

  2. Jesus warned of these events leading up to the rapture. The Sermon on the mount describes events that took place during the disciples lives after Jesus ascended, events that would take place in the future, such as the destruction of the Temple, and events that would take place with a generation that see all of the things Jesus described for that generation to come to pass. I believe that according to scripture, those that are found worthy to escape all of these things shall be removed. If you know Christ as your Savior, and live a life that is pleasing to God according to scripture, the remnant and the Bride of Christ will be removed from this terrible time of tribulation. However, we may also see trials and tribulation much like the rest of the world has seen in the coming months.

    America and it’s leaders have removed God from the schools, from the military, from government, and next from us. Our faith may be tried in ways we never thought imaginable in the United States before the Lord returns. Should this be, I would not hesitate, as we have i the past, to store food and provisions. Proverbs tells us of the ant and his ability to store food and plan ahead. Our Father in heaven provides our needs, and usually can do it through others or miracles. But God also has given us insight and wisdom the the season of his return. he has given us sighs to watch for. Being prepared for the return of Christ is a biblical concept and preached by Christ himself.

    Therefore, I find nothing wrong, and also do encourage those that are reading this, to purchase a supply of food for emergency purposes in case the rapture has not occurred in a time frame we hope it will, and be ready as scripture states in season, and out of season.

  3. robbie says:

    to all I am a Christian who has been a follower of god &jesus for many years I also have study bible&still do I also study end time prophecy over 25 yrs &still do I now know things I have read in last 3 yrs that glears things for me finally end time prophecy is hardest thing in gods word to understand it means to study bible by verse proving verse book of Daniel chap12 says in the end it will be revealed to the wise -(wise just means those who search for answers) the pope is the harlot in rev 17&18 he is said to be friends with the beast (Russia) the 1st of 7 seals is rider on white horse but it is a false Christianity not jesus as he is rider on white horse who is true Christ in rev 19 in last 42 mos of end of days before cnrrist return gog or Russia or king of north you can find it in Isaiah-ezekial Daniel &revelations- will get tired of the harlot or Vatican &burn her with fire in rev 18 it says smoke of her burning went up &it was destroyed in 1hour what can destroy the Vatican &city of rome in 1 hr – a nuclear bomb Russia will nuke Vatican -then invade Israel &kill millions that is why bible says in rev13 who can make war with beast who is like him in other words no one else will try to nuke them cause the world would be done that’s why Russia gets power along with 10 nations or horns she got from Egypt originally who is dragon spoke of in rev 12 (Egypt also has world power with 10 nations before it transfers its power to beast & also creates war &invades Israel&succeds – has rule for 42 mos also here is 7yr period where 7 seals 7 trumpets&7vials all happen -gods judgements on Israel &world bible also says in joel chap2&acts chap2 that moon will turn to blood &sun will be darkened before great &terrible day of lord comes I believe blood moons of 2014&blood moons &blood moons of 2015&solar eclipses as well in between 2 blood moons of 2015 are no question linked to open of 1st seal &pope taking power also this is the 8 of 7 tetrads since 1 a,d, &they all fall on gods holy days this one falls on Passover &feast of tabernacles &solar ones also on gods holy days as far as rapture of gods saints -bible says it will happen one time only no separate ressurections in this second coming of Christ looks like we all will be in tribulation if we are alive rev 20 says &I saw those beheaded for testimony of jesus also in thessalonians 2 paul says that Christ will not return until man of sin appears &has his 42 mo reign lets pray for each other &spred this real truth -cause time has arrived for Christians to unite though it is also a time of betrayal -bible in same book says many will fall away from god &jesus &take mark of beast out of fear of torture or death thank you lord for these truths Robbie ”w” any questions email me

  4. Denise Guza says:

    On Roshana of this year begins the Schemata year, the year of rest for the crops and the people. This will be enforced by God because the world will never rest until it is forced to. This Festival starts on March 15th of this year. All we need to do is look up for the signs and wonders.

  5. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Robbie, does your keyboard not have any periods? I ccouldn’t tell where ANY of your sentenced started and ended!

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