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Ladies and Gentleman..I give you The Real Identity of Pope Francis

Seems we have discovered a documentary that will more than likely be pulled very soon…this is 100% proof that we are living in the last days, and the revealing of The Anti Christ..



Zombie Bees?

Mutant “zombie bees” that act like the ghoulish creatures of horror films have surfaced in the Northeast after first appearing on the West Coast, a bee expert told ABC News on Wednesday.

An amateur beekeeper in Burlington, Vt., last summer found honeybees infested with parasites that cause the insects to act erratically and eventually kill them. It was the first spotting of zombie bees east of South Dakota, according to John Hafernik, a professor of biology at San Francisco State University whose team in October verified the infestation.

“They fly around in a disoriented way, get attracted to light, and then fall down and wander around in a way that’s sort of reminiscent of zombies in the movies,” Hafernik said. “Sometimes we’ve taken to calling [it], when they leave their hives, ‘the flight of the living dead.’”


California and the west suffer from massive drought

Has God dropped the hand of judgment upon the western half of the United States? Drought and famine are two of the major judgments passed upon the Egyptians during Moses time, and now we see that Lake Mead may drop another 20 feet in level this year alone. Las Vegas (modern day Sodom and Gomorrah) rely heavily ( up to 95%) water usage from Lake Mead. Could the climate change be a direct judgment from God?


The Bizzare Events at the Vatican

From Pope John Paul II being buried in a Trapezoid Coffin, to Comets during the election of Pope Francis…what is truly going on with the Catholic Church, and has God sent his final warning? Tune in at 6pm EST LIVE for tonight’s broadcast:

“The Unveiling”


The Temple Institute in Israel reveals Impliments for Third Temple

In this 7 minute video Rabbi Richman introduces to us the absolute determination of the Jewish People to rebuild a Third Temple. Pope Francis this May will be traveling to the Holy Land stopping in Jordan, Jerusalem, and finally Bethlehem in this historic trip. Bible Prophecy continues to unfold this year at lightning speed as we watch for the soon return of Yeshua. This video was upload to youtube TODAY so this is fresh content.


UPDATE>> 1st Blood Red Moon and The Pope

Could the trip to the Holy Land by Pope Francis be the key to seeing the Covenant signed for Peace with “The Many” by Pope Francis himself? Has the control over the Temple Mount already been given to the Pope and the Vatican and this is a final meeting to begin the construction of the third Temple?

Speculation is building, and so is the temptation to predict what is to come next. Some have believed that the Anti Christ would be The Mahdi, and that Islam would be the key players. I believe Islam is involved in all of this, but see The Vatican being the Key Role in ushering in the tribulation period and the Rapture of the Body of Christ chosen to be raptured. Stay tuned for further updates…


Why I have always said that those who said the Chip was a myth..didnt know what they were talking about

The Anti Christ system is well under way to being the norm world wide. These things are going to excel so fast that even the elect if not made aware by God of the plans of the Anti Christ system..would be deceived.


The Vatican and The Temple Mount

Sources close to Prophecies Of The End Times has disclosed that the Middle East Peace process may have taken a sudden twist with the agreements given to the Vatican regarding the Temple Mount. This video and report shows compelling evidence that in May of 2014, Pope Francis will be given control over the Temple Mount. Kerry and Obama will have stepped back from the peace process, and The Vatican will step in along with Russia.

We live in exciting times..lift up your heads..for your redemption draweth nigh..

Why The Antichrist Must Come Soon

By David J. Stewart



Photo to right: A woman riding a beast is displayed outside of the European Parliament in Brussels (Revelation 17:3).


Dr. Jack Hyles (1926-2001) is the 20th century’s greatest preacher! Pastor Hyles’ sermons and books are a blessing to have, which are freely available to all.


Today I listened to a sermon that about knocked me out of my chair, which Pastor Hyles preached back in 1970. I am stunned how accurately his sermon describes exactly what is happening in America. Now, 40-years later, everything Bro. Hyles said has become a frightening reality. The Communists have taken over, just like Dr. Hyles said back in 1972.


The following is my summation of Dr. Hyles’ sermon:

. This is incredible information! Keep in mind that it was only 1970 when Pastor Hyles preached this powerful sermon. I hope you’ll listen to the entire sermon. I promise that you’ll be glad you did. The return of the Lord Jesus Christ is so very near.


Uhmmm…your not going to believe this one..

We have come across this information from the PPSimons Radio Network..and my jaw dropped to the floor. If this is true….may God help America…Obama’s REAL father part of a Cult of Anti Christ believers? You watch and comment below

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