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Monday, February 20, 2017

China and VietNam heading to war?

Hong Kong (CNN) -- China has evacuated more than 3,000 of its citizens from Vietnam and is sending ships to retrieve more of them after deadly anti-Chinese violence erupted last...

Nuclear War Drills in Russia?

Reported in Russia in March of 2014, a news agency out of South East Asia is reporting that Russia began Nuclear Testing with 10,000 troops at this time. The...

Storm Clouds are Gathering..a persepctive on The Syrian Crisis

Excellent Video...watch [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tsUZinrCo8]
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President Trump as King Cyrus..? Maybe so

By Evangelist Michael Parker For sometime before the election, and after the election, many evangelicals and Jews alike have been proclaiming that King Cyrus has...

California…From Drought to Floods

LOS ANGELES:  Intense rain, heavy snow and strong winds lashed California and southern Oregon on Friday, prompting the evacuation of more than a hundred...

The Feminist Movement gave us one thing….

The Feminist Movement is Demonically Inspired :: by Geri Ungurean Even before I was born again, I knew that something about the Feminist movement was...