My good friends and brother/sister in Christ Rando & Bahms over at Gathering With Out Walls have been spreading the gospel with their ministry for 6 years.

Bahms has authored 2 books while Rando is also working on his first book, that will be announced in the near future.

They have a Internet broadcast radio station that is currently running 24 hours 7 days a week and spreads the gospel with a variety of messages and teachings that I am sure you will benefit from. Recently, they have also come across some difficult times that have availed them to ask for a miracle from our Father to provide the necessary funding to remain on the air, and to provide some basic needs within their ministry. Below is their Donation link. Please join me by sending a charitable donation to help keep their ministry online and to meet the needs they have at this time. Many of you have always been gracious when we have had this type of need arise, and I am asking you one more time, to allow God to bless you with this one too. I know these people personally, and you can be a blessing to them by giving financially for this need at this time. If each one of you give just $1.00, many thousands of dollars can be raised to help with many of the needs they have at this time…join me, as we give with a cheerful heart, and watch God bless you for your giving…

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