The Shemitah....

2015 could be a year of HUGE financial collapse... Read More

The Obama Constitutional right to Gay Marriage

Can Pastors or Reverends go to jail for not marrying a Gay Couple? Read More


The Kissing Bug is here from Mexico.... Read More

Trump Slams Obama with this.....

Israel faces its biggest threat... Read More

The Temple Mount

Can the King of Jordan, John Kerry, and Benjamin Netanyahu reach an agreement regarding the Temple Mount? Read More

Woman gets kicked out of Washington DC Cathedral

Standing up for Jesus in Washington DC will get you removed from their Church Read More

Dome of the Rock was built for the JEWS!?

Shocking NEW research in Israel confirms that Dome of the Rock on the Holy of Hollies was built for the Jews Read More

The woman that got removed from a Christian Church for proclaiming JESUS

Christine Weick is our special guest on Prophecies Of The End Times Read More

The Shaking Of Israel\'s Government

Why Israel needs prayer more than ever at this hour Read More


2014 Prophecy Conference

Televised LIVE on TBN..Im not a big fan of TBN..but the guest speakers on this show is worth watching..

One Response to 2014 Prophecy Conference

  1. Greetings:

    It is a joy to know that God has others who are helping to prepare His people for the last days.

    Please consider hosting, “Wake Up, It’s Your Future! Bible Prophecy Conference. We are bond-servants of Jesus Christ committed and commissioned to be watchmen for the people of God, warning and alerting them to the difficult days that lie ahead and the need to prepare.

    We look forward to providing you with additional information.

    Forever in His Service,
    Gale Stanford

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