BREAKING story out of Israel tells the shocking truth that Iran now has the capability to deliver a Nuclear Warhead far beyond Europe..

Iran has produced a 27 meter-long missile capable of carrying a warhead “far beyond Europe.” Israel’s Channel 2 News broadcast satellite images of the missile at a launch site near Tehran (pictured).


The missile was ostensibly built to ferry satellites into orbit, but could also be used to deliver warheads nearly anywhere on the planet. Israel has also produce and successfully launched missiles with such dual capabilities.

According to the Channel 2 report, Iran has made “very rapid progress” in its long-range missile research and development.

Israel accuses the Islamic Republic of working toward nuclear weapons technology, and a long-range delivery platform would be an integral part of such a program. Iran denies that it is seeking a nuclear bomb.

The images presented by Channel 2 were provided by the Israeli satellite Eros B, a commercial observation satellite developed by ImageSat International.

Source: Israel Today


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