Why is Pope Francis speaking to Congress on September 24th, 2015?The day after The Day of Atonement in Israel?

Pope Francis to make address to Congress during Washington DC visit

Pope will be the first leader of the Catholic church to address both houses of Congress during visit later this year, House speaker John Boehner announces


  1. See Revelation 13 for what is going on here. The papacy received its deadly wound when Napoleon sent General Berthier to arrest the pope and take him into exile. The sword of civil power they had been wielding against others was finally turned on them.

    Today, that wound is quickly being healed. It is interesting that the head of the beast from “the sea” will be speaking officially to the government of the beast from “the earth” (Rev. 13:11). These two beasts will combine to bring about “the mark of the beast.”

    They will institute a law that will require worship from true Christians in violation of God’s law. When God’s people refuse to follow the world’s system they will be branded a “terrorists” and troubles of the people. Better they die than “the whole nation perish.”

    Don’t look to the dog and pony show going on in the Middle East. The real show is here. We are living in prophetic times!

    • No, Napoleon isn’t involved. The Apocalypse is about (in my view) the following: a. It is about the advent of the Anti-christ and the end of the world; b. It is things of a spiritual nature; c. It must be taken literally first, and then figuratively second; d. It is about the actions of 5 men, not 4 as people have always thought; e. Like the Gospel, it must be viewed with the eyes of a child; f. Each Chapter is in chronological order, but the first half of some chapters actually expound in further detail something that happened in a previous chapter; g. Many of the figurative understanding and explanations of the Apocalypse can be found in the Old Prophets and the Psalms.

      Once I factored in all these standards, the Apocalypse was more easily understood.

      Assuming there will be no more Anti-popes seated in Rome:

      Red Horseman-Red Dragon/Beast out of the Sea (of humanity) – Benedict XVI
      Pale Horseman-Wound Head/Anti-christ (false messiah of the jews) – Francis I
      Angel out of the Abyss-False Prophet – John Paul II
      White Horseman-Elias
      Black Horseman- Enoch

      Please note similarities between Francis visit and the scenario in the movie “Shooter.” I may be reaching on this one, but Francis will visit D.C., N.Y, & Phillie. In the movie the president speaks in D.C., Baltimore & Phillie, and “archbishop” gets shot in Phillie, standing next to the president. If Obama is scheduled to speak with Francis at any one of these locations, be ready for anything to happen. Just say’in……

    • Good to know someone else knows the truth as well, there is sooo much work to finish by this 11th month. Gods speed fellow disciple of Yashuwa

    • The Blood moon is not hoax you need to read Holy Bible look up Joel 2-31 and Matthew too You will be surprise what Bible says. Holy Bible tell the truth from God Words You need to study.

  2. Yom Kippur 2015
    begins in the evening of
    Tuesday, September 22
    and ends in the evening of
    Wednesday, September 23

    Just Google ‘Yom Kippur 2015 ‘

      • It could be the 24th if the first sliver of the moon is spotted later. The Google Jewish calendar is based on a per-determined time for the new moon.

        But the Jews are supposed to wait till the first sliver of the new moon is spotted at sunset by two witnesses and that day will be the first of the month.

        It is especially important for the seventh month since the feast of Trumpets begins on the first day of the month and the day of Atonement follows on the tenth day..

  3. The Pope speaks for and acts on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. Any and every Pope, by the nature of the office and chair he occupies, does not and cannot truly represent anything more than the spirits of Babylonian mysticism, i.e, Luciferianism. The anti-pope schtick proceeds from the Catholic ignorance of the truth and a grasping after the wind. Pitied be the Dragon Hunter.

  4. That day is also marked with the asteroid by sea and the asteroid by land (wormwood). It may be on the 23rd. This is the year of the Shemitah and for gentile nations it means judgement of the worst kind.

    Here is the timeframe we are in.

    1. Last 7 years begins. (Dan 9:27) 9Nania Video’s, Renee M Video’s (Beforeitsnews.com) 2009/2010 2009 Obama received the Norweigian Peace Medallion on the 7th day of Feast of Tabernacles or in 2010 5 planets lined up in a row on the 7th day of Feast of Tabernacles (Leviticus 23:36ff?).
    2. Seal 1: Conquering political and or religious force begins to take over the world. (Revelation 6:1,2) 2009
    3. Seal 2: World War III begins. (Rev 6: 3,4) ISIS, Middle East 2014/2015
    Joel 2 31 prophecy Abib 1/Passover Solar eclipse means judgement for the globe and lunar eclipse means judgement for Israel.
    4. Seal 3: World wide economic collapse, famine. (Rev 6:5,6) September 24, 2015
    5. Seal 4: Plagues, death, ¼ of world’s population dies. (Rev 6:7,8) Africa
    6. Antichrist performs abomination of desolation. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4) Obama’s trip to Israel. March 22, 2013 in the temple fortress (Church of Nativity) in Bethlehem. Obama did not bow to the King/Jesus/Yeshua.
    7. Ministry of 2 witnesses/prophets begins. (Rev 11:1-15)
    8. Antichrist takes over the world. (Rev 13:5-9) 2015/2016/2017 Obama most likely.
    9. Seal 5: Worldwide persecution of Jews and Christians. (Rev 6: 9-11) 2015
    10. Seal 6: Signs of the sun, moon, and stars, worldwide earthquake, appearance of Christ in the sky, wrath of God begins. (Rev 6:12-17) September 14, 2015 Day of the Trumpet (Leviticus. 23:24ff)
    11. America (end times Babylon, (Babylon the Great(JA)) destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. (Rev 17:16-18:24) Late 2015, 2016
    12. Sealing of the 144,000 (Rev 7)
    13. Seal 7: 7 Trumpet judgments. (Rev 8:1-6) global earthquake
    14. Trumpet 1: Horrific hail and fire, 1/3 of plants burned up. (Rev 8:7) Day of the Trumpet, September 14, 2015
    15. Trumpet 2: Meteorite/Volcano explodes in the ocean, 1/3 ships and sea life destroyed. (Rev 8:8,9) Day of Atonement September 24, 2015
    16. Trumpet 3: Comet explodes on the earth, 1/3 of fresh water poisoned, many men die. (Rev 8:10,11) Day of Atonement September 24, 2015 Wormwood
    17. Trumpet 4: 1/3 of sunlight removed. (Rev 8:12) 2015
    18. Trumpet 5: First woe—Demon locusts, men tortured. (Rev 8:13-9:12) CERN Project 2016
    19. Trumpet 6: Second woe—Demon army, 1/3 of men die. (Rev 9:13-21) CERN Project 2016
    20. Ministry of 2 witnesses ended. (Rev 11:1-13)
    21. Trumpet 7: Third woe—7 Vial Judgments. (Rev 11:14-19)
    22. Vial 1: Boils on men. (Rev 16:1,2)
    23. Vial 2: Sea turned to blood. (Rev 16:3) Pacific Ocean?? Fukushimi accident ??
    24. Vial 3: Freshwater turned to blood. (Rev 16:4-7) Began in 2012 and continues to present with different rivers turning to blood.
    25. Vial 4: Great heat. (Rev 16:8,9)
    26. Vial 5: Darkness. (Rev 16:10,11)
    27. Vial 6: Euphrates dries up. (Rev 16:12-16) 2016
    28. Vial 7: The Lord Jesus Christ and His saints return to the earth and defeat the antichrist and his armies at Armageddon with 100-pound hailstones. Great earthquake, every island and mountain destroyed, America the Babylon sinks under the ocean. (Rev 16:17-21, Rev 18:21, Jer 51:42)
    29. Jesus is anointed as King of the World and the Millennium begins! (Rev 19) Chanukkah 2016 or Feast of Tabernacles 2017.

    Jardalkal at aol.com

    • Wow……that was a big and interesting list Jard!
      September 24, 2015 seems like an extremely busy day.
      Will get my ironing done and bonsais watered on 23rd.
      Great post……thanks 😉

  5. Francis is NOT Petrus Romanus. Francis is an ANTI-pope, meaning a fake pope, never validly elected. He is the Biblical False Prophet, the second beast of Rev 13. Benedict XVI is the real pope, who is the Glory of the Olives. Petrus Romanus will be a real pope, the last one as Jesus returns.

  6. This is just another Satanic ritual dressed up as prophecy so wicked shills like Rabbi “Harbinger” Cahn can write a book about it after the fact and impress the pleebs who will be tricked into worshiping the fake Jesus.

    From dusk Sept. 24, 2015 to dusk Jan 19, 2017 is 490 days/ 70 weeks. “70 weeks until messiah” of Daniel 9. Dusk Jan. 19/ day of Jan 20th, 2017 is the inauguration Day of the new US president. From dusk Jan 20th, 2017 to dusk July 3rd, 2020 is 1260 days. July 4th is the 1261st “Independence Day” from the beast. Add 1 year/ “Day of the Lord” and you get July 4, 2021 which is the 245 years after July 4, 1776 which is breaking the covenant (Declaration of Independence) in the middle of the “7”, middle of 70 x 7 = 490/ 2 =245.

    The Pope is in the role of joining the “2 sticks”/ 2 houses of “Israel” together – in this case, Democrats (who “hate” Netanyahu) and Republicans. The next (last?) president will be a “uniter”.

    if people really thought this Pope was the last one, they should seriously consider his 1260th day in office which would be Aug. 24, 2016.

      • CHRIST JESUS is The One True Living GOD manifested in the Flesh.He came as our Passover Lamb and cleansed all True Believers once for all.GOD The Father in Heaven’s timeline for the Redemption of Mankind is located in Leviticus 23 , HIS 7 feasts, HIS Miqraw Qodesh, HIS Moediym. Remember these are The LORD’S Feasts, not Yisrael’s, so they are perpetual and for anyone who worships GOD The Father in Heaven , remember Christ Jesus said ” not ME, but HE Who sent ME!!!!!!These Holy Convocations are Traditional as well as Prophetic in nature.So Christ Jesus God in the Flesh fulfilled the first 4 Feasts in HIS first Coming, and will fulfill the last 3 Feasts during the Rapture or Yowm HaNatzal and HIS second Coming and Millennial Reign as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS AS WILL be Written on HIS thigh!!!!!!! Praise HIM

  7. The real reason Pope Benedict 16th HAD to step down is that an International Arrest Warrant was Issued to him for Crimes Against Humanity. FOUND GUILTY. Now Francis who IS Playing Pope wants to show up & speak at a World Family Event? In his Country he had a part of Seperating Men, Women & Childrenthat had an uprising for a better life. It did not turn out so well for those 300,000 Souls. Those “Family Units” were Never Units again…..Does HE CARE ABOUT CHRISTIANS? Just put it this way: That man took a Jesuit Oath & Swore by it to KILL EVERY PROTESTANT (Non-Catholic Believer that BELIEVES In The ONLY Heavenly Father & HIS ONLY Begotten Son Yahshua (Christ Jesus). Yes, to KILL every Protestant Man, Woman & Child=Born Or Unborn. To murder the Christian Male, To Cut off the Christian Females Breasts with a set of shears & to Cut open the pregnant Christian Woman’s stomach, rip the unborn baby from their Mother & to continually swing & smash the baby against whatever is around until the Christian baby’s brains are smashed out of their heads. The living Christian children are murdered also……Sounds like a “Religious” man to me…….That church does NOT KNOW Yahshua nor His & Our True & Only Heavenly Father. I would Not let my Children out of the house or my sight if their entourage were to visit my town or state for that matter, but watch the “clueless” line the streets to worship this earthly figure….

  8. What is slightly ironic is how America takes Christianity out of schools, silences the Christians from speaking their faith and removes the Ten Commandments replacing then with a statute of baphomet in Detroit. How does this happen yet the Pope gets to address congress and UN. I must be confused but are catholics meant to be christian. How then does the pope have this kind of influence yet a Christian teacher or military service man may not speak of Christ. ? Does not add up.

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