As we cover the Four Blood Red Moon Tetrad and it’s effects, and the Solar Eclipses and their effects during the Historical and Biblical years of 2014 and 2015, there is yet ANOTHER Solar Eclipse that has drawn little attention from the prophecy experts, and so your hearing about it now from Evangelist Michael Parker.

First, let’s explain what tradition holds from the perspective of solar eclipses. According to scripture found in Joel Chapter 2, and from Jesus in Matthew Chapter 24, and from John during his vision and the revealing in the book of Revelation, the sun turning black as sackcloth has been associated with judgment being pronounced upon a land, a people, or a time period.

The “Day of the Lord” as described by numerous major and minor old testament prophets, also include this description of the Sun being darkened. We can therefore with confidence, and from a biblical standpoint, know that a Solar Eclipse signifies a warning from God.

The Solar Eclipse that will take place on March 20th, 2015, will be directly over The North Pole. According to an article entitled “Passover Blood Moon Preceded by Exceedingly Rare Solar Eclipse” written by 

There will be a total eclipse of the sun for two minutes over the North Pole on Friday, March 20, the day of the Spring Equinox which coincides with the beginning of the Hebrew month of Nissan, the first month in the Biblical calendar year, a solar occurrence that has never happened before in human history.

“The concurrence and rarity of this natural event, together with the times in which we live, indicates the finger of God,” Gidon Ariel, an Israeli Orthodox Jew told Breaking Israel News. Ariel serves as the co-founder and CEO of Root Source, an online platform where Christians can learn “Jewish concepts, ideas and thought, to more deeply understand the roots of their faith, in an informal and loving manner” according to the group’s website.”

As stated in the Book of Exodus, “the first month” of Nissan is when God rescued the Nation of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Jewish tradition teaches that just as the first redemption happened in Nissan, so too the future redemption of the world will also occur in the month of Nissan.

Known by Jews as the “Holiday of Redemption,” Passover takes place every year on the 15th day of Nissan, and as Hebrew months are based on a lunar cycle, the night when Jews sit down to their Passover Seder always has a full moon.

This year, much attention is being paid to Passover’s full moon since it will be the third in a series of four “Blood Moons” taking place over the Jewish festivals.
One cannot but wonder and ask..”Is this truly the time of Christ’s return? Is this the time spoken of by Christ during his Sermon on the Mount…are WE the generation that will be redeemed by Christ and “caught up” in the air to be with the Lord?

It has never looked more promising from a biblical standpoint that this is exactly what is getting ready to happen. 

Not just because of the four blood red moons, or these solar eclipses, but from other prophecy that has unfolded just in the past 5 years.

Homosexaulity being made a moral law of the land, ISIS and the beheading of Christians, God removed from the United States Government, Children told NOT to pray in school, Christian persecution world wide, natural catastrophic weather events, mass die offs of animals;birds;reptiles;fish;insects world wide, Solar Flares, World War…..what else does the world need to see in order to believe that GOD is indeed bringing judgment to a rejecting world?

The Solar Eclipse of March 20th, 2015 also holds the key to a biblical event that took place during the first passover in 1492 BC. There was also a series of blood red moons during that time, but not a tetrad. The Solar Eclipse is associated with the Plague of Darkness that covered the land of Egypt when God sent the “destroyer” to take all of Egypt’s first born males. Pharaohs own son was taken from him as the final plague that forced Pharaoh to release the Children of Israel from captivity..a siege of slavery that lasted 400 years.

400 years …In Genesis 15:13 God told Abram that his descendants would be slaves in a foreign land for 400 years. This number is also mentioned in Acts 7:6. Exodus 12:41 says that the Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years. This number also appears in Galatians 3:17.

Exodus 10:21-23

Darkness over the Land

21 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even a darkness which may be felt.” 22 So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and there was thick darkness in all the land of Egypt for three days. 23 They did not see one another, nor did anyone rise from his place for three days, but all the sons of Israel had light in their dwellings.

“Whereas every piece and parcel of land in the world is owned by someone or some country, the North Pole is an international site and is not owned by any nation,” O’Dell explained to Breaking Israel News. “If God is going to teach a lesson to humanity, to the entire world, there is no more symbolic location than the North Pole.”

I gave all of this to introduce to you another Solar Eclipse that sent chills down my spine. This Solar Eclipse needs no explanation…THIS is the Solar Eclipse that happens in 2017 over the United States….

As God warns the leaders through the Prophet Joel, Zechariah and the warning of Religious Prosperity from Amos..those that come and divide the land of Israel, God himself will come to those nations and cut them to pieces.

Has America’s future just been witnessed by what a symbolic Solar Eclipse is showing us in 2017? It turns out that THIS solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime event. It will be over 100 years until it happens again. (same path, same intensity) This concludes that this is a generational event, witnessed by THIS generation.

As the fate of America is revealed before our eyes, and judgment is passed upon it, my only question to you is..”what will it take for you to stop rejecting Christ, and accept him as your Lord and Savior?”

What will it take for you to be serious about your faith and sell out to Christ?

What will it take for you to repent of your sin and stop living on the fence and be holy, and be faithful to your christian walk with Christ?

Will it take being left here during the tribulation period to experience everything a rejecting world will experience?

Or will you come to Christ right now..just as you are..and fall upon bended knee begging him to forgive you and repent of your sin?

The choice is yours…however, from a biblical, world, and scientific standpoint, Id chose Christ if you don’t know him as your Lord and Savior..because our time on this planet is just about over.

Just as a note…the video below shows the exact path this solar eclipse will take…notice that it passes directly over the Tectonic Plates of the Pacific Ocean on the Coast of Oregon, makes its way through Nevada where scientists have also set off the alarm of the possibility of a large earthquake, then proceeds through YELLOWSTONE, dividing the Nation as it makes it’s way to the New Madrid Earthquake Fault…A rare Solar Eclipse, that will not be seen again in our lifetime, passing over a earthquake fault that scientists have discovered has been rumbling back to life, and could be due for another major quake soon….

Stay Tuned

Evangelist Michael Parker


  1. Exodus
    2437 (2460) 1489, (1466) 1455 BCE** Pentecost – Torah given, Tabernacle Exodus, Israel leaves Egypt; Exodus 13:4,17; Galations 3:17; Deuteronomy 1:3. Note: other accounts give 1446, 1441**, 1440, 1443, 1491,1492, 1552, 1518, 1612, 1225, 1290, 1276, 1504, 1483 and about a dozen other dates. As you can tell no one knows for sure even though they believe theirs is correct. It is all dependent from the miscalculated date for creation.

    Red Sea crossing:
    Exo 14:1-3 And Yahovah spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they turn and encamp before Pihahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, over against Baalzephon: before it shall ye encamp by the sea. For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut them in.

  2. its interesting that there will never be another tetrad until 2615. Joel’s prophesy says in the same short period of time the moon become black as sackcloth and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. While the solar eclipse is interesting in 2017, it is this solar eclipse which is significant because of the two blood moons that follow. This solar eclipse is telling the world that this world is about to pass into another spiritual dark age, and will herald the arrival of the man of lawlessness whose number is 666. From the 20th of march the momentum towards the NEW WORLD ORDER will gain momentum like never before. The mark of the beast, or the mark of the new world order is ready to be implemented, as soon as the NWO is in place. Pauls words that day, day of the Lord will not come until the man of lawlessness is revealed, and the rebellion occurs. 2015 also marks the 70th jubilee since Israel was released from Babylon, and the 40th Jubilee since the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Both 40 and 70 are significant numbers in the scriptures. The rapture happens when the time is right, the second coming happens when the NEW WORLD ORDER is in full swing and will be based on the number 10. Remember the words of the apostle Paul, but you brethren are not in darkness that this day over takes you suddenly.

    • And also as Christains are watching for Jesus to come for His bride daily and so every hour, no one but Noah and his family knew the flood was coming, they were on the Ark 7 days before the rains came. And so only those in Christ Jesus know within us that He (Jesus) is about to get His bride, as people not in Christ continue daily activities and do not care of His coming, but they sure know how to come against us and tell us we are wrong to believe in the Rapture. I hold my ground and speak up for Jesus, and tell them He loves them.

  3. I am blessed to have found this by Robert Van Der Vos. The mysteries surrounding our current leader do reveal some troubling secrets that points to the number of his name and the translations of his name (with Hebrew definitions) also point to Lawless, as is revealed by his own actions with the use of his cell phone and pen. Much of this info is found in the Bible Codes. I did not want to except this so soon,however all the collected data and scriptures do spell it out for those who have eyes to see and have studied to show themselves approved,it cant be denied. I wonder in WHAT WAY must HE be revealed and WHAT REBELLION …(there is so much rebellion for a long time from him and others already) should be the key event to look for. Those who have already figured it out …it is revealed by study and seeking but will there be a MAJOR revealing to all BEFORE the Day of The Lord ? I believe we are already in the early stages of the Tribulation….maybe closer to the rapture than was realized. The message on the mystery of the Hidden Day during the Fall Feast really brought things clear to me on the catching away. It made me believe that this Fall Feast will be a time that no one on earth will ever forget, believers & nonbelievers alike will NOTICE these appointed times. For many I think it will be the First time they have taken Notice which is so sad…especially for the Body of Christ. Why are so many members of the Body uneducated on this subject ? Why have our Church Leaders not taught us about Gods appointed Days ? He makes it clear that we must remember them and keep them ALWAYS ! Jew and Gentile become one. These are not Jewish Holidays as we have been taught…They are Gods Appointed Holidays as He taught ….in his word. I thank you for your messages,they are a blessing to me and many Im sure. Blessings Be On You !

    • Rebecca..I appreciate your love and give the glory to our Father. Our blog and website may frighten some, it may worry some, but it is designed to get the lost to open their eyes, and consider the possibilities of exactly what you stated. Christ IS returning much sooner than most believe, and the appointed times and feasts should be paid attention to very clearly. American Christianity is a marketing machine. They have retailed Jesus, and have lost their first love. Leaders want their inheritance now…they don’t want to wait. This is why James, the brother of Jesus told us (those of us that are teachers) to be ever so cautious about how and what you teach. Praise God for you. Thank You for visiting our blog and website. Don’t be a stranger..In Christ, Michael Parker

      • Said with honesty,There are people who are blinded and cannot see for as a guide to help the blind see is a great gift.A brief pause is all it takes to see Satan is upon us the true chaos explains it all.It is sad when you don’t even want to watch the news anymore due to death tolls breaking numbers.To hold Christ in your soul is a feeling evil can’t consume.I have been through times that would make a person give up being raised in a family of drugs,the loss of a father,a son,and many painful times people ask how I do it that’s when I get to talk about faith,passion,and the road to glory.I have faith with more people like this we as believer’s can reach some that have been lost that we must find.If I could be of any great assistance please let me know god bless you

    • All very interesting and have been a student of the kingdom for 26 years and Father began giving me dreams and visions of the end times(Days we are currently in) and I saw the world policeforce in full action and I also so the mark of the beast being given to people and when I saw it most of the people were like in a trance of some kind and they were completely brainwashed into accepting the mark because of fear of not having daily neccessities like food and water, they were controling everything. But I also saw that those that knew their God were doing great exploits and miracles and were not concerned by the global elite or nwo forces. We are now living in the season RIGHT NOW that I saw 26 years ago and We are about to see the GREATEST MOVE OF GOD this world has every seen. One thing I want to share and I know this is very controversial but I did not see a rapture of the church as I had been taught and thought was true beforehand. I asked father about just that and I humble believe we have been misled on this only so we will lose our faith when It DOESN’T happen. PLEASE PLEASE!! i DID NOT put this here to be argumentative or disrespectful of anyone or any ministry that believes there will be but all I ask is that you will fast and pray and seek the face of CHRIST because the hour is late and we have very little time until we can no longer preach the gospel!!!

      Craig Jensen

      • Bro Craig — The rapture is plain to see if you have studied to find it in scripture . It has to be because the church , the bride of Christ. the body has to be taken out of harms way and joined to the Head , for the bride to be wed and come back with the Lord . It is all described in detail for those that know it and do not doubt. The tribulation is going to be so horrible that very few will even be alive after it is all over . Believe and study the word to find it I to have been a Christian since my youth and have studied the word inside out . When you study the WORD you are studying JESUS. He is the word. Love you Bro .

  4. Thank you for allowing me to find this after just waking up at 2:30am in my chair and getting on my computer. I accept Our Lord Jesus Christ as my savior and will do whatever is asked of me in these last days. I pray for my wife’s acceptance and my children’s acceptance, who have all drifted away from their faith and my attempts to teach them, all due to a world of materialism in which they never look up from their luxuries. I pray that we can all be together in the Kingdom of Heaven and Eternal Life.

  5. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    due to the HOLY BIBLES manifold dates (one’s lifetime, begetting age of the first son, coronation as king, reign as king etc.), the Bible facilitates the creation of a gapless chronology from the creation of Adam to the millennial Sabbath of Yahshua Messiah in the Biblical Calendar year 6001 B.K.
    You can download GOD’s timetable free of charge e.g. from following website:


    Together, watching the “mysterious” signs of our days and studying the records in the Bible (e.g. Matt 24), will give insight that 2017 CE will be a year out of the ordinary!

    In 2017 CE, 6000 years will have passed since the creation of Adam, and the last 1000 years of the “7000 year Agenda of GOD” will be ushered in.

    For information regarding “GOD’S 7000 YEAR AGENDA” please go to e.g.:

    Executive Summary:

    The 7000 Year Plan of YHVH is not a new age concept.
    You come across this teaching, which is derived from the Bible, already in the Books of Irenaeus (Bishop of the early Church, 130 CE – 202 CE.

    GOD – who controls all things – reveals in the Scriptures that at ‘the time appointed,’ the “End Time World Order” will be destroyed and Jesus Christ (Heb.: Yahshua Messiah) will take over and establish His Millennial Kingdom.

    Revelation 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our GOD, and of his Messiah; and he shall reign forever and ever.

    But when will this happen? Are there any clues in the Holy Bible, which might lead to the year and maybe even to the season of His return (1.Thess 5:1, 4)? The answer is YES!

    To be able to uncover GOD’S “hidden” message, we have to start recognizing that the Bible contains accurate data. The Holy Bible is not a fairy-tale book, as some in the world try to make us believe!

    As a matter of fact, when you bring together the evidence contained in the “Old” Testament and the “New” Testament, you are able to count the years from the creation of Adam (3983 BCE ) to the Millennium of Jesus Christ (2017 CE ).

    The English e-book is a shortened version including new discernments. It contains the essence and may give you a good understanding of GOD’S plan for mankind. The unabridged original German e-book can be downloaded without charge e.g. at

    Further information can be found e.g.:
    May EL SHADDAI YAHWEH, Elohim of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust, so that you may abound with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Heb.: Ruach ha Kodesh). (Rom 15:13)

      • Prove to me with factual evidence that it’s not? Not theories, not scientific calculations, facts from any other source that goes beyond Carbon Dating and 6,000 years…The earth could be billions of years old, but according to scripture, it was void, and had no life until God created that life…If your a Christian, you accept ALL of the word of God..not parts.

  6. ARMAGEDDON 2017 ?

    GOD’S judgment on “that day” is pictured in Isaiah Chapters 13 to 24 .

    Isaiah colorfully narrates the fall of Nations and of the World in General. The phrase “that day” characterizes a time when GOD will judge HIS enemies; with judgment directed against both the enemies of GOD’s holy people, “the nations” and “Israel” herself, or at least the enemies of GOD in her midst.

    The function of the references to the “day of vengeance” is thus, both to warn the ungodly and to assure the faithful of the certainty and nearness of their deliverance.

    The fall of Babylon

    Revelation 17:9-13 depicts the wicked merchant city – “mystery Babylon” – practicing her trade with the 7 “Kings” during the last 70 years of ‘world kingdom’. In the records of Scripture large marts of commerce are often compared to harlots seeking many lovers, that is, they court merchants of all nations, and take in any one for the sake of gain (Na 3:4; Re 18:3). The 8th “Head-King” of the world empire system will receive the power and authority of his 10 “horn-kings”; and by GOD’s ordination, these “lovers” will devastate the “great city” and plunder her wealth.
    (These will also battle against the Lamb Yahshua Messiah at the great day of El Shaddai at the place called Armageddon (“hill city of declaring a message” or “showing forth of his precious fruit”). And then they will go off into destruction.)

    Out of the chaos and confusion following the fall of Babylon, Antichrist (666) will manifest himself with an intensity of iniquity greater than ever before.

    A assembly of confederated nations united with the 8th head is the new superpower, » another “Babylon” (the meaning of Babylon is confusion) « will be the centre of prefigured prosperity and security and the centre of infidelity, “socialism-communism”, and false spiritualism. The head with the spirit of Antichrist is the summing up and concentration of the entire world evil that pre-ceded. It is the eighth head, but yet one of the seven (Rev 17:11).

    YHVH’s people have victory over the beast, over his image, his mark and the number of his name (Rev 15:2) by choosing to drink of the LORD’s cup and to be baptized with the baptism HE was baptized with (Matt 20:22-23, Mark 8:31).

    The abyss beast in Revelation Chapter 13 is understood to refer also to the Antichrist, the man of lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Daniel 9:27). During the last days before Messiah’s return, the evil world system will be controlled by the personified Antichrist. A visible Antichrist will stand at the head of the world kingdom disguised as a minister of light.

    For further information regarding: »MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT« please go to e.g. (Chapter 7)

    For further information regarding: »ARMAGEDDON 2017« please go to e.g.

  7. As a child I had reoccurring nightmares of walking with a group in the hills through dry “snow”. There was were clouds everywhere, no buildings, and no living trees. Also I could see slow moving tornadoes everywhere in the sky that where constantly filled with lightning. Many years later I saw a picture on a National Geographic that looked just like the tornadoes. It was a lightning filled ash cloud from a volcano. That got me wondering what event could possibly cause such a thing and came across the Yellowstone caldera. If it went off it would fulfill most of the plagues/ trumpets of Revelation. I started to ponder what natural event could trigger it. It’s well known that both the Sun and Moon cause tidal forces in water. What many don’t realize is that tidal forces effect the atmosphere, land, and magma flows as well. So then I researched if solar and lunar eclipses have greater localized tidal effects. They do, with total solar eclipses being the greatest.

    At that point I started to research if a total solar eclipse will ever pass over Yellowstone, discovering the 2017 solar eclipse at 11:35 AM August 21. I had put this together ten years ago and then forgot about it until the Blood Moons stuff came out and the ideas about 2017 in connection with Jubilees and judgment on the USA. This year I started searching scripture for anything special about that day. Well, first off, 11:35 AM in Wyoming is 8:35 PM in Israel (or sunset). Using the Hebrew calendar of sunset to sunset it would be the beginning of the next day. Looking at the Hebrew calendar, that day is the first day of Rosh Chodesh Elul. Interesting… When looking up Rosh Chodesh Elul in scripture, it is the first day of the sixth month.

    Looking that up in scripture revealed Haggai’s prophecy concerning drought and destruction on the entire world. Yeah, I thought that was interesting too.

  8. I’m so sorry, but the fear mongering so characteristic of many Christian groups like yours is very un-Christlike. If you did but a modicum of research you would see that the Holy Mother Church has been following numerical, calendric patterns since its unholy inception. You would further find that another eclipse follows the 2017 event by seven years (8 April 2024) and also cuts the US in half but North to South (crossing the path of the first eclipse in nearly the same place), therefore two eclipses splitting the country up into four. This should get you to ramp up your ignorant, apocalyptic fervor; blood moons included.

    This particular pattern is 1211 days and many eclipses fall into this (for instance, 14 December 2020). In addition, 1211 days prior to 21 August 2017 is 27 April 2014, the day Pope Francis canonized JP2 and John 23. Many other numbers are used: 353, 322, 233, etc. This is just the beginning, folks. The Church (at highest levels) is actually PLANNING events to make sure they bring Protestants back into the fold, up to and including fulfilling every single “prophecy” in Revelation, Matthew, Old Testament prophets, etc. It will take another 150 years, but they will do it if you focus on the wrong things, like you are doing.

    Think God will “allow” this?

    You haven’t dreamed of what is possible, not even close

    Instead of focusing on this nonsense, and focusing on how others comport their lives, you should focus on yourselves (always!) as Jesus taught.

    Mr Parker, you have the heaviest millstone around your neck. You should be admonished.

    God wants the US a free nation, not a theocracy.

    • You do not know me, you do not know the work that the Lord has allowed me to perform to warn those who do not believe in Christ, to bring them to Christ. You are completely unaware of the person I am in Christ Jesus. It is not my intentions at all to put “fear” into the hearts of anyone. Eclipses have been a part of God’s judgment upon nations since he created this earth. They will be apart of the Day of the Lord as prophesied in the book of Joel. The Catholic Church perhaps all of what you state, but it is God who set those days in motion..It Is God who created the sun, the moon and the stars, and it is he who is the beginning and the end. I have no milestone wrapped around my neck, that was when I was a drunk, a doper, and a whore. I was saved from that life, healed of cancer, and proclaim the end time gospel that Jesus saves. Your tone in your comments is very proud and arrogant..I knew of a man who talked like you…he could tell things to people that made them feel completely wrong about the salvation they had been freely given….I brushed my feet off of him, and I do the same with you.

    • The gospel is not according to midhersand! Contrary to what homosexuals believe, the word calls homosexual behavior sin. Romans 1:24-27; 1Corinthians 6:9-10; and 1Tim 1:10; Rev 22:15. The Lord will not change His word to accommodate a sinful lifestyle. Sinners, all sinners, are called to repent, die to self and live to Christ!

  9. Mr Parker
    Fair enough

    However, please consider the following, with respect:

    Focus on Jesus Saves
    Focus on your personal salvation
    Focus on yourself and your experience with the above; this is positive, and you likely have wonderful story.

    De-focus from God’s judgment on others (God’s judgment for you? OK), eclipses, end-times fervor, blood moons and other apocalyptic nonsense; this is irresponsible and premature.

    You harbor a direct and profound contradiction when you state:

    ” It is not my intentions at all to put “fear” into the hearts of anyone. Eclipses have been a part of God’s judgment upon nations since he created this earth. They will be apart of the Day of the Lord as prophesied in the book of Joel…”

    If it is not your intention, then you are not very self-aware. People eat this stuff up, and they end up projecting their fears outward instead of eradicating them from within, thus further isolating themselves**.

    If you believe that eclipses (and other signs) are important, then i suggest you do two other things before you spread your ideas:

    1. Study eclipses a LOT MORE
    2. Remember where the Kingdom of God truly resides; Luke 17:21

    You should recognize that my tone is neither proud nor arrogant, but admonishing. I know EXACTLY where you are in terms of warning others about not believing in Christ. I began my walk many years ago. We are ALL drunkards, whores and dopers; every last one of us. Jesus hung with all of them.

    People don’t need dire warnings, they need the positive message and experience of what salvation brings.

    **I have seen this kind of thing many times before, and it only leads to division and fear, which is not what Jesus taught

    • The Gospel of Christ, according to his disciples and Jesus himself, was and still is when preached in the same manner Jesus preached it, is an offending subject matter. It has numerous positive projected overtones, can appear to “contradict” itself throughout the synoptics, and at times get’s down right nasty with name calling as Jesus did with the religious leaders of his time. If Father God wanted me to be Joel Olsteen, Id be Joel Olsteen…but Im Evangelist Michael Parker. I do not need to study eclipses to discover they have a planetary cycle of appearance. God made them that way. We discover in Genesis this very same thing.

      I take the word of God for what it states…many denominations take a more allegorical approach to it. I have sat and listened to people just like you since I have been saved tell me the very same thing….that what we do is fear mongering…What are the statistics of those that profess Christ, and remain in their faith until the day they die? What are the percentages of born again believers in this world that know and study bible prophecy? Why do Christians who go to any main stream Church have no clue what people are talking about regarding the end times that we live?

      It’s because where they attend, their pastors do not preach on the subject matters, do not study Revelation or the prophetic books, and do exactly what you suggest…pour some sugar on it.

      Im not a cotton candy salesman. I am charged by God to give the truth of the matter of the bible..the whole truth, and not just the sweet spots. Do people eat this stuff up? Those that want to learn more about the end time gospel do. They want to learn that according to scripture, and by watching the nation of Israel, that we can truly know the closeness of the hour, and the return of Christ. If by learning that the events that surround the return of Christ are truly happening all around us, then his return COULD be imminent, and could happen soon. Our main objective in this is to get the world to realize that Christ is returning much sooner than we believe. The key to understanding the walk of a Christian life…is obedience to the word of God. Jesus told us himself..”If you love me, you’ll keep my commandments. He didn’t say..If you love me, and talk positive to people and don’t talk about Matthew 24, Joel 9, Ezekiel 38 and 39, Revelation, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Luke 21, Amos, Ruth, and even Genesis chapters 1-8, that Ill come back for you and say “well done thou good and faithful servant”

      I don’t know if you understand this or not, but this blog is a minor part of our ministry. We have radio, podcasts, video, and other blogs that we discuss the positive sides of Christianity, it’s beneficial results from salvation, and how much our God loves us.

      We reach out to Gays and Lesbians, drug users, the hurting and afflicted in our community, and online. I have focused on my salvation from the day I was saved….And all I read is that I am to focus on others, not me….focus on bringing them to the cross, if by pulling them out of the fire they are in.

      I appreciate your comments though. I understand that you do not think that the events happening with Sun, Moon and Stars are signals from God, but from planetary movements (even though he created them for just that thing..signals)

      The Kingdom of God truly resides in heaven..and will be set up on earth by Christ after the 7 year Tribulation. If you read all of Luke 16 and 17, you will understand that Christ was not telling the Pharisees that the literal Kingdom of God dwells inside of us, but the holy spirit. Jesus was letting the pharisees and the religious leaders of his time know that they were looking in the wrong place (outward appearances and outward expressions) for the Kingdom of God. All of the parables in Luke 16 and 17 are aimed towards the error of the religious leaders. They wanted a King..someone to conquer Rome. And Jesus was not that person. The wealth that Jesus also speaks of is aimed primarily at the religious leaders and their ties to the Roman Government. The parables of stewardship and responsibility were for the realization of what the jewish priests were doing with the temple and the wealth of God. The Milestone parable was for letting those religious leaders know that they were leading astray the “little ones” (children of Israel and God) because of their wickedness and hypocritical actions.

      Although Christ died for the entire world, and died for their sins..we must NEVER look away from the truth of why Christ was sent to earth….It is the nation of Israel he was born through…it is the Jewish heritage he was born through, it was the Jewish culture he lived in, and the Jewish people he grew up with. God purposefully chose THIS generation of people to bring his son through, because he chose to. In order for me to learn more about Christ, the things he stated, and the things he did, I should learn more about his heritage, his life walking experiences and read his word, from a perspective of a Jewish and Israeli background. NOT from an American understanding, or from a method derived by replacement theology.

      The more I learn about my Lord, the things he states, and the things he did while here on earth in his human counterpart, the more I will know how to express his love and his actions to others.

      The more I know about the prophets and the reasons why God spoke through them, as he did through Christ, the more I will learn what plans God has for earth, and those that dwell on it.

      When I focus on others, and the importance of this to all the world, and the real possibility that I am part of an end time last generation, then I can come to the realization that I am being used by God to reach souls that no other has reached…..a last pouring out of the holy spirit…I tell you this by word of the Lord, that if only ONE person received Salvation from reading and following this blog for the 8 years God has used me, it would be worth it all to me. I do not do this because of money, for my wife and I have blessed jobs and work many hours at them…I do not do this as a hobby or from pride or self gratification. I have lost family due to my stand with Christ…I have lost friends due to the message of the Gospel…and it is my hope and prayer that after I am gone from this planet, that those who rejected Christ, will read these comments and blogs, and come to Salvation.

      If division is not what Christ taught, then why did he tell us that very same thing in Luke chapter 12? He was sent to earth to divide the hypocritical from the children of God. He spoke of Judgment and hell more than any other person in scripture…and I am to focus away from that?

      Harboring a contradiction regarding fear is nonsense. It sounds more like psychology 101. If I was not saved, and saw the things that God will unleash upon this earth before he did it, do you think I might want to get saved?

      I do this because of the love I have for my God, and to be obedient to his word.
      Doing what you suggest would be disobedient to him, and his word.

    • I believe some of us need the fear of the lord put into us. I’m scared to death after reading all I have on the judgement. But as a sinner that I am..( but trying to be better) I now only want to be ready for his return. But the fear of it all has finally made me open my eyes and now I wanta tell and perpair my family as well. Look around the world now. Its 2016 almost 2017 and we are living in the last days. I feel it and I see it. So putting fear in people is not a bad this . It saved me I do believe.. Sometime it seems like there’s so much confusion with the bible and men. Everyone gets different numbers and interpret things different. How do we new learners even know who is right or wrong anymore or who is lieing and who is telling the truth. Its crazy and so scary cause we only want the truth about Jesus. And how to be better. The bible don’t make since when I read it alone so I go to the web for help and there’s always 3-4-or even 5 different opinions about one thing anymore . I just go with what feels right in my heart anymore and I hope its right. I’m confused anymore and don’t wanta give up either. Idk..

  10. OK
    I knew you would bring up that Jesus taught division, so I understand, and I am not going to try to convince you further. I believe you do not wish harm on anyone.

    But I do plead with you on one thing

    In the future, when the man on a white horse comes down from heaven and kills the two guys pretending to be false prophet and antichrist; please hesitate a little bit

    You will be convinced he is Jesus himself (all the prophecies before this will have been perfectly “fulfilled”), but he will in reality be another antichrist

    If you are still around, please hesitate to flip the switch or pull the trigger on the people who refuse to worship him, while you believe that everyone must die who doesn’t (because your interpretation of scripture teaches you thus; weeping and gnashing of teeth, etc).

    You are being led astray, and scripture will be used against you (and others), because you don’t know how to put it in proper context.

    The Kingdom of God is within you, not some tangible thing that will be set up on earth after a global crisis/armageddon.

    I perceive you are being sincere and I don’t expect you to stray from your path, but I hope you will have some doubt when the time comes.

    • I see people who love the lord fighting but if it bothers you to this point please look else where for attention,I believe you have stuck your teeth in far enough.

  11. One hundred years?? Another total eclipse occurs across North America in 2024. The paths of the two eclipses cross about a mile south of Carbondale, Illinois. Where did you get your “once in a lifetime event” comment? Just made it up to scare people? False prophets all of you

    • The August 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA’s Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918. Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the USA, making it the first such eclipse since the country’s independence in 1776. Why do people who know literally nothing about the bible, bible prophecy, or the omen that scripture indicates in the book of Revelation with solar eclipses make ridiculous comments like the one above?…It’s because of what Jesus knew while he was hanging on the cross..and said…”Father..forgive them..for hey know not what they do”…

  12. I personally believe that we won’t even be on this earth in 2045, let alone anytime after that. We are in the end times right now. Just one of the signs alone is Pope Francis, which most Bible scholars say will be the last pope, or the 8th king. Will we also see the first king here in America? Is he already in power? Are his minions now at hand?

  13. Crazy to think he wrote about a divided America in 2015 as here we are with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and an America almost never as divided

  14. I would only go to God in love not fear, which is what your promoting. “God” and “Jesus” don’t live or belong in a church which is a man made construct, they are in the hearts of men who choose for them to dwell there. So according to you, I should run to a building built solely to collect tithe, pick up a book thrown together by a pagan ruler hundreds of years after the death of Christ, and pray prayers that we can’t really be sure the about the authenticity of.I’ll do God and Jesus my way thanks there’s a reason the temple was broken……twice

  15. The reason people getting fade of this predictions it bse the world never ended in 2012 this made them to doubts of current predictions

  16. Different people view God in different ways and choose to proclaim His message according to their understanding. One chooses to see Him only as a God of mercy and love. How did He show His love? By coming to us as Jesus to die for our sin. But why would a God of love need to die because of our sin? He could have just poofed it out of existence. And if He did that we wouldn’t need mercy anyway.

    Well, He is the God of law and order. He had given humans the law. Violations of law require penalties. Humans violated the law. Almighty God is the judge.

    The Lawgiver: God made the law.

    The Judge: God declared a penalty for violating the law.

    The Merciful: To show us mercy God decided to pay the penalty we owed for violating the law.

    The Faithful and Fair: in order for God to be truly faithful and fair He had to maintain both the law and the penalty for it’s violation.

    The Unbiased: Since God is Creator, He shows no special treatment for any human. So His taking on the penalty for our violation of His law was offered to every human. And so no one can ever have an excuse for rejecting His payment for our violation, He made it a free gift. Nothing anyone can do will earn it. No human talent can get a better piece of it. No amount of wealth can buy it. Neither a George Soros nor a homeless beggar can get a bigger piece.

    People seem to forget Gos is the Creator and He isn’t bound by our silly notions of morality or religion.

    Yes, He is a God of Love, just as He is a God of judgement. One goes with the other. To deny either is to lessen who God is.

  17. It is interesting that 7 years later on April 8, 2024 there will be another total eclipse that will come from the south. It will cross over at nearly the same spot as the New Madrid fault .

  18. We already are in a spiritual dark age! When the world and our Country only cares about profit margins and neglects its own people, there is a major problem. It was like this for a decade, but now it’s not even hidden. Those who swore oaths to represent and protect us are the very ones who sold us out for a deception they themselves will suffer (although I pray that all are saved!)

    it was reveled to us from the Financial Fiasco and Real Estate Bust over a decade ago. Our elected leaders still gave these despicable thieves, 800 billion of our tax dollars while they deny good people services (S.S.I.) for which they paid these tax dollars. The very same people who they hoped would be homeless so they could profit even more! Except it backfired on them when the overwhelming foreclosures made stocks crash and revealed their intent. Even now this is lied to us about. These despicable and very evil people not only got our tax dollars, they cashed out insurance policies and therefore double dipped! This money could have helped millions of needy people and yet no help was offered. They want us enslaved and broken as like sheep for the slaughter! Now the Insurance (Medical) is the business deception! Of course we are made to carry insurance or be penalized! We are being forced into bondage and being neglected of every protection under our Constitution! It is the exact opposite of representation and it will get much worse. Yet this is another deception and intentional because someone will come along and make the “This World” more materialistic prosperous again and be hailed, on the condition he be worshiped!

    Have faith however that we who believe are purchased with a price and belong to “I AM” who can take us away from him? Nothing can or ever will, so he faithful, thankful and live for today in love of doing what he wants us to do!

    • As a student of the Word of God and Eschatology for 34 years, I conclude from the previous blogs that, save and except one, all bloggers are passionate in their belief be it of sound doctrine or not. To know “what you believe and why” should keep us in a life long journey and study of God’s Holy and infallible Word.

      When I began my end time studies over three decades ago, I confess I started listening for reports on natural catastrophes, the formation and shifting of nations on the global power grid, the location of the city on seven hills that borders a sea and many others prophecies. I now see the “end of time” spoken of or referenced from Genesis 1:1 to Rev. 22:21. If your immediate question is how could this be true, it’s really very simple for me. It is all found in the redemptive work of the Devine Person of the Triune GODhead, Jesus Christ. GOD the Father knowing that man will fall had HIS plan perfected for implementation before the foundation of the world. What’s interesting to me is HE chose not to put the date of creation in HIS Word, HE simply said “In the beginning”. By faith, not my own personal intellect, I very simply believe HIS Word. When I don’t fully understand, I still believe HIS Word. The LORD whose very Name, among many, is Faithful and HE is faithful to reveal in HIS timing as we earnestly seek HIS truth. HE knows exactly what we have need of because most of the time it takes us years to process and truly believe wherein we actually put our belief into action.

      Now, as a student, I do use Greek & Hebrew lexicons and others historical writings, together with archeological findings to assist me with some deeper understanding but the most valuable tools have been centered on the Word of God and Israel as a nation and as a people (inclusive of their customs). I have been blessed to sit under one of today’s most brilliant Bible chronologist (who taught us to be aware of ALL the current events of the world) but to NEVER date or accept man’s dating of Jesus’ return. However, in Matthew 24:4-13 you’ll notice that all the cataclysmic events are mentioned only 1 time but in 4 separate places within that passage of Scripture the Lord Jesus Christ says (do not be deceived), (many will deceive you), (many false prophets will rise up and deceive you), (lawlessness will abound). If there was ever a generation where apostasy and spiritual entertainment hours has infiltrated the church (not a building but a body) it’s this one. This isn’t the first time of a great apostasy, Paul was warning of it in 70AD but never before was Israel declared a state(1948) with Jerusalem her Capitol (1967) with a flooding of Jews coming back to their homeland from the four corners of the world with numerous languages to once again be united to their mother tongue, the Hebraic language.

      I think all of us can agree that we should be bereans of the Word of God. The fear we should walk in, is in Reverance to a Gracious and Fiercesome Holy God.

      My views have definitely changed in recent years on “pretrib” mainly because I was indoctrinated from a western cultural viewpoint. Now that I take a world view and see my brothers and sisters in Christ losing their lives for their faith, I can no longer sit like a spoiled brat and say that just because of my faith I will not endure great tribulation…

      Thirty four years ago I used to refer to the end times as “the last days”, now I refer to them as “our last hours”. Not in fear of death because death has no sting for me but it does keep my heart primed with an urgency to present the pure gospel to the unbeliever’s that the LORD puts in my path and to disciple new converts how to study the Word of God for themselves, to grow to understand that the Word is alive and living (the Word became flesh).

      Let us not squabble over dates but rather be students of His Word, spending time in HIS presence with praise and trust on our lips, alert with our ears and eyes wide open that we will not be deceived. We are ALL called as Believers and Followers of the One True God, the One True Redeemer and the One True Restrainer/Comfortor to rescue the perishing. Is it too much too ask that we get of ourselves and this earth minded mentality and keep our focus on Jesus…what HE did just for me, just for you and all of those around us. Will we surrender LORDSHIP to HIM whether that be in comfort to HIS glory or suffering to HIS glory because although HE gave HIS life for us, it has and always will be about JESUS CHRIST.

      My prayer in part is that we recognize the common tools of the enemy, that we stand in Christ and watch HIM do what only HE can do to change us and perhaps those around us. That we will promote the saving TRUTH of Jesus Christ and be heaven minded as we live out each day as though it were our last. That we will be found as the 5 wise virgins with oil in their lamps ready to be received by THE GROOM. After all, after this pitiful, wretched life we live (on our best day as filthy rags) we, Believers will be Eternally with our Heavenly Father, Our Redeemer and King of Kings in a place so majestic that the Throne of God is in our sight and I refuse to put that in a box with my finite mind. In fact the more I know as He gives revelation the more humbled and finite I become and the morr indefinable HE becomes.

      May the peace and grace of the LORD, Jesus Christ be you all.

      I Cor. 2:2

  19. What a load of rubbish, u r a false prophet and when nothing happens in 2017 u should be stoned like Old Testament times. U quote Amos which has absolutely nothing to do with our time. U r a shocker

    • Darryl, Im sorry you feel that way. I have never proclaimed to be a prophet. The solar eclipse is a sign from God that judgment is about to be bestowed upon gentile nations. This is taught in Joel, and Revelation, Matthew 24.
      The book of Amos and his prophecies forewarn of a time when Israel was turning her back on God and it’s leaders were doing the same. The leaders in Amos wanted prosperity..much like Trump, and the prosperity gospel preachers. Zechariah also tells us of Israel’s fate. The same rules apply for America. I sense no real love in you, and telling someone online that because you disagree with their point of view according to scripture, that they should be stoned to death is quite sad, and serious. Do they allow that kind of communication in Australia? I would think not. Be blessed.

  20. I came across this site in searching for opinions on the extreme divisiveness in our country today, which will surely become worse in the coming year. The divisiveness and nastiness is even showing up here. I am not a biblical scholar or an astronomer, but I absolutely believe there will be a day of judgement when Christ returns. I have read the Bible and don’t understand a lot of it, but I appreciate those who do study it. And in my own life when I learned to see the messages the Lord sends me to assure me of His Presence, now I see them all the time. The coming eclipse in August certainly seems significant. I mean, how many outrageously blatant signs does God have to show us before we understand and believe that what He said was going to happen?

  21. web look up marriage supper of the lamb by Susan Davis words from god this book online it save your soul! Also Dr. Patricia green she talks about tsunami and coming destruction on earth and false blue beam rapture.

  22. The Doubt of man about God’s capability to do what He says He will do, will continue to hunt and destroy man. The only solution is to believe and confess Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour.

  23. Hello I came upon this article about a month ago. It pretty much summed up my thoughts as well as my Aunt’s. She had a dream where the United States had an earthquake and it was split into two.
    I read through a lot of the comments on here a while back and I feel that so many people like to argue about the BIBLE. Some are taught there is a rapture and some are taught there is not. It just bothers me that even Christians are divided nowadays too. Just look at Religious and Christian facebook pages that give people daily scripture verses, etc. and I’ll bet that people will argue on those. I remember people argued under the articles for end times headlines. It just baffles me. We don’t know the time or the hour of Jesus’ coming but a lot of us sense something ominous coming. I ask God to help me to discern and to keep my eyes and ears open.

  24. You are good. But I hope you know the truth when you see it. Because the people in Israel today are not the chosen people of God, The Hebrew Israelites of this Bible are these Black people here in America that do not know they are the True Israelites Of God chosen people. I am willing to prove it with the Bible, the word of God. They have always been told they are Gentiles. I found the lost books of the Bible, the 15 books the Catholic Church took out of the Bible before they allowed the people to have one. And in one of them books it says in, “BARUCH 4:6 YOU WERE SOLD TO GENTILE NATIONS”. Now the new Catholic Bibles they are taken the word “Gentile” out and they are say You were sold to Nations. Then the Spirit spoke to me and said what do it matter, the FACT REMAINS, WHO WERE SOLD ? Now you may not have known this, but you do know now and what you say and do from this day will be counter ether for you are against you. I would love for you to know we all have been deceived by the lies of man. I welcome you to come to see my post on Facebook.

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