I weep for America and all of it’s citizens that do not know the sadness that is felt in the hearts of bible believing Christians who know what’s coming….

I weep for America and it’s people who celebrate sin and turn to wickedness when the law of the land allows it….

I weep for America and all of her innocent children murdered by their parents who have no clue what they have done, nor who they will stand in front of come judgment day…

Revival is happening all around the world..in China, Islam, Africa, and millions are coming to Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives, yet here in America the lost celebrate their sin, and approve of it, by finding MORE ways to celebrate it.

Our Churches are falling away from sound doctrine, leaving the faith and the love of Christ they once knew…the truth of Salvation and what it entails.

They preach prosperity, good times, and the blessings of God, all along proclaiming they are in need of nothing, when they are blind, wretched, poor, and immoral.

The sermons I am hearing from pulpits regarding money are a new height of charlatans. Convincing in their approach, they teach those who want what they want..and it’s not God, but money.

All along as people blindly fall into every whim and doctrine preached, the gospel is lost and souls go to hell because of it. June 26th was a historic and very disturbing day for America. It was a day that pushed and ushered her into judgment like no other time before. I ask you Lord..when will enough be enough? Have you turned them over already? Or are you going to show your mercy and chastise them?

I know that your word states that you are not willing that any should perish, but many will, and many have. It is their choice isn’t it Lord? Although you are not willing that any should perish, you don’t have the right to stop them. For if they desire what they want after you have warned them time and time again, you allow them to have what they want.

America…you have received what you wanted. 63% of you polled claim that your alright with Gay Marriage. And for those that approve of such, the same judgment falls upon you as those who do the act.

Love wins when you come to Christ and turn from a Life of sin, and repent.

Love wins when a man you never knew, put his life on a cross to die for the very sin you commit.

Love wins because God will allow you to come as you are, even in the sin stained life you or I have lived, and repent to become a new creature in Christ.

You see, it is our fault that we have come to this point of God’s Judgment falling upon our land. Judgement begins with the house of God first. Most of our Churches stopped preaching about sin, and only preached positive messages to their congregations. They told you that God loves you just the way you are….

They Lied

They wanted you to come to their Church…learn how much God loves you, and hoped that you would also love him. They wanted you to develop relationships with others at Church, and they also accepted you as you are. Nobody talked about sin, they just told you that all you had to do was believe, and your a child of God….

They lied

They left out the most important part of why you should believe in God, and Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They left out how much God HATES sin, Satan, and ungodliness.

They left out that if you practice your sin after you profess you believe, your truly not a Christian, a new creature in Christ.

And most of all, they left out that you must repent, and turn from your sin in order to obtain salvation, and have it freely be given to you as a gift…

America, there is but a sliver of time left before the door of the Ark closes. Many of you will perish. Some of you will not. Many of you will come to know that Christ is truly the Messiah, and you will have to lay down your life for him if you want to see him.

Many of you do not see this coming…..but we do. Our tears are cried for you, and the hope that you read this before it’s too late. Come to Christ right now. Turn from the sin you are in, and repent of it. Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, cry out to him, and hear his voice tell you “your forgiven”

America, your in desperate need of revival…

May God have mercy upon you.

Evangelist Michael Parker



  1. amen…thanks for sharing…im sharing this on facebook..blessings from Holland
    and also please prayers for this country…

  2. Thanx for the heads up Michael, we all need to be reminded: Just as our Lord
    prayed over Jerusalem before His Crucifixion/Resurrection .
    In this case tho, it won’t take forty years ~ More like seventy days from Friday!!!!

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