I was completely blown away regarding the CERN project and this video. There is no coincidence here..this is truly a event of historic proportions with humans using technology to summon Lucifer, to bring mass deception to the world, and to usher in the Tribulation period. A must watch.


  1. Cern is scheduled to begin on the 23rd of September and it will usher in the Tribulation of 2 years but only time will tell if it begins in September and i think it might, I am waiting for the global earthquake to hit on the 13th. If it does look up for your redemption draweth now.

    Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpet)
    Day of the Lord Fire mixed with hail, global earthquake, 1/3 of the earth burns. Europe? Middle East? Probable global earthquake. Note: This may occur on Day of Atonement.
    Second Coming Jubilee, Gathering of the Believers from the globe and resurrection of the believing dead.

    Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
    Day of the Lord Asteroids, maybe nuclear winter year on Day After. Sept. 24th
    Second Coming Armageddon and the Day the Bride gets married. Guests go to the 7 day feast but are not a part of the wedding party. Only the Bride and Groom at the wedding ceremony.

    1. Last 7 years begins. 9Nania Video’s, Renee M Video’s (Beforeitsnews.com) 2009/2010 2009 Obama received the Norweigian Peace Medallion on the 7th day of Feast of Tabernacles in 2009 or in 2010 5 planets lined up in a row on the 7th day of Feast of Tabernacles 7th day (Leviticus 23:36ff?).
    2. Seal 1: Conquering political and or religious force begins to take over the world. (Revelation 6:1,2) 2009 Obama is sitting down in a group meeting and there is a bow and crown present in the picture. To the Islamics, he was showing himself to be their Mahdi in 2014. (Renee M Beforeitsnews.com). Could it be the Islamics in Islam countries be the political and religious force?
    3. Seal 2: World War III begins. (Rev 6: 3,4) ISIS, Middle East, Arab Spring 2014/2015
    Joel 2 31 prophecy Abib 1/Passover Solar eclipse in March/April 2015 means judgement for the globe and lunar eclipse means judgement for Israel.
    4. Seal 3: World wide economic collapse, famine. (Rev 6:5,6) September 24, 2015 Year of the Shemitah; One world currency, Oct 20th, 2015
    5. Seal 4: Plagues, death, ¼ of world’s population dies. (Rev 6:7,8) Africa (Ebola Virus and other viruses that America’s government tests on Africa to use as 45 mandatory vaccines on Americans); black plague??
    6. Antichrist performs abomination of desolation. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4) Obama’s trip to Israel. March 22, 2013 in the temple fortress (Church of Nativity) in Bethlehem. Obama did not bow to the King/Jesus/Yeshua. 1260 days from 2009 Peace Medallion and 1260 days until Day of Trumpet 2016.
    7. Ministry of 2 witnesses/prophets begins. (Rev 11:1-15) A Israel based Jewish Messianic organization says the witnesses are here and there is a website called The Two Witnesses.
    8. Antichrist takes over the world. (Rev 13:5-9) 2015/2016/2017 Obama most likely however it could be the Black pope.
    9. Seal 5: Worldwide persecution of Jews and Christians. (Rev 6: 9-11) 2016, ISIS killings coming to America. Luke 9:9.
    10. Seal 6: Signs of the sun, moon, and stars, worldwide earthquake, appearance of Christ in the sky, wrath of God begins. (Rev 6:12-17) September 14, 2015 Day of the Trumpet (Leviticus. 23:24ff) Views on Wrath of God. 1) Trumpet then bowl judgments and then Armageddon. 2) Bowl judgments and then Armageddon. 3) Armageddon. On first sliver of the new moon (Day of Trumpet Lev. 23:24ff) before Armageddon in September or in the 49th Shemitah year (2015) at its end.
    11. America (end times Babylon, (Babylon the Great(JA)) destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. (Rev 17:16-18:24) Late 2015, 2016
    12. Sealing of the 144,000 (Rev 7)
    13. Seal 7: 7 Trumpet judgments. (Rev 8:1-6) global earthquake

    I am guessing that by the study above that these events may or will occur on a Sabbath, 4th day, First sliver of a new moon or on a full moon.
    Day of the Lord Begins (360 day event)
    14. Trumpet 1: Horrific hail and fire, 1/3 of plants burned up. (Rev 8:7) Day of the Trumpet, September 13/14, 2015 Haftarah Portion: Hosea 14:2-10. Micah 7:18-20, Joel 2:15-27 ; Deut 31:1-30; or March 26th, 2016 Feast of First Fruits.
    15. Trumpet 2: Meteorite/Volcano explodes in the ocean, 1/3 ships and sea life destroyed. (Rev 8:8,9) Day of Atonement September 23/24, 2015
    16. Trumpet 3: Comet explodes on the earth, 1/3 of fresh water poisoned, many men die. (Rev 8:10,11) Day of Atonement September 24, 2015 Wormwood; August 24th, 2016.
    17. Trumpet 4: 1/3 of sunlight removed. (Rev 8:12) 2015
    18. Trumpet 5: First woe—Demon locusts, men tortured. (Rev 8:13-9:12, Ezekiel, Isaiah) C.E.R.N. Project 2015 September Isa 13:2-3 Emblem has a triple 6 and a dual 6. CERN began on Sept 29th, 1954 Rosh Chodesh 8. Origin Dec 9, 1949. Breaking Ground March 17th 1954; Fast of Ezra, Ezra 8:21-31 Day 4.
    19. Trumpet 6: Second woe—Demon army, 1/3 of men die. (Rev 9:13-21) CERN Project 2015 September/October
    20. Ministry of 2 witnesses ended. (Rev 11:1-13)
    21. Trumpet 7: Third woe—7 Vial Judgments. (Rev 11:14-19)
    Revelation 12-16 Second Coming in a year of Jubilee with a Revelation 12:1-2 event in 2017 in September on Yom Teruah/Day of Trumpet. Rev. 14:20ff (Wheat and Tares–Wheat bows down and tares burn in the fire). Rev 15 Day of Atonement typology. Rev. 16 ten days of tribulation (Rev. 2:10) otherwise known as Days of Awe.
    22. Vial 1: Boils on men. (Rev 16:1,2)
    23. Vial 2: Sea turned to blood. (Rev 16:3) Pacific Ocean?? Fukushimi accident ??
    24. Vial 3: Freshwater turned to blood. (Rev 16:4-7) Began in 2012 and continues to present with different rivers turning to blood.
    25. Vial 4: Great heat. (Rev 16:8,9) 500 to 1000 degrees or enough to melt the elements. beforeitsnews.com/spirit/2015/08/god-in-the-bible-warns-his-enemies-with-extreme-heat-and-god-just-cursed-iran-with-164-degree-weather-on-the-day-that-iran-threatened-israel-with-annihilation-2495530.html; destination-yisrael.biblesearchers.com/destination-yisrael/2015/08/g-d-is-uncloaking-the-sun-to-reveal-himself-beware-iran-and-enemies-of-israel.html
    26. Vial 5: Darkness. (Rev 16:10,11)
    27. Vial 6: Euphrates dries up. (Rev 16:12-16) 2016
    Mark of the Beast for USA is 2017, 2016 and possibly now in 2015. For other nations 2016. Perry Stone was my third witness. As for witnesses, I wait 3 mentionings before I post to here.

    28. Vial 7: The Lord Jesus Christ and His saints return to the earth and defeat the antichrist and his armies at Armageddon with 100-pound hailstones. Great earthquake, every island and mountain destroyed, America the Babylon sinks under the ocean. (Rev 16:17-21, Rev 18:21, Jer 51:42)
    29. Jesus is anointed as King of the World and the Millennium begins! (Rev 19) Chanukkah 2016 or Feast of Tabernacles 2016/2017.
    Elaboration on the Destruction of Babylon (17:1—19:10)
    The whore on the scarlet beast: Rome (17:1-18) https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=18&v=ftJ1wvf4ev0
    The fall of Babylon: Rome’s destruction (18:1-24)
    The Rejoicing in Heaven (19:1-10)
    Seven Visions of the Last Things (19:11—22:5)
    The Coming of Christ, the Word of God (19:11-16)
    The Invitation to a Great Banquet (19:17-18)
    The Final Battle (19:19-21)
    The Binding of Satan (20:1-3)
    The Millennial Reign (20:4-10) Begins on the first Annual Sabbath of Feast of Tabernacles in Lev. 23.
    The Final Judgment (20:11-15) Day of Trumpet 3015 Torahcalendar.com Tishrei 1, 7th Biblical Month
    The New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem (21:1-8)
    An Elaboration on the New Jerusalem (21:9—22:5)

    Jardalkal@aol.com Welcome to my date timeline. You can add or subtract as you please.

  2. Don’t guess please. A guess is always wrong because it’s from the mind and emotions. (II Cor. 10:1-5) Cast those guesses down. The world that refuses to hear God? They guess, and they’re always wrong. Speak with meaning from the heart, from the spirit and you’ll always speak the wisdom of God even though this wisdom will sound like foolishness to the worldlies, and even to many within the established Church. I Cor. 1-3.

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