ISIL has released a new Apocalyptic Video showing what they think is going to happen, and what they are trying to accomplish…but God has other the Video, ISIL is showing off the American weapons left by President Obama for them to use, and also take aim with an attack on the Vatican in Rome. What seems to be a very elaborate video, staged in the dessert, my question is why didn’t any countries or forces in the air who are conducting bombings see this event take place from satellite images? Something is not right about how ISIL seems to get away with their terror attacks, and we drop bombs along with other countries and they still manage to produce a video out in the open like this one…disturbing to say the least.



  1. I have no clue what they just said, but I believe ISIS is just the start before a full launch attack on
    Israel. A far more destructive power than ISIS will come. ISIS just wants us to fear them but we have God Almighty so we don’t need to be afraid. God said these things will happen. There will be wars and kingdom against kingdom…so as long as we grasp onto God.. ISIS have no power over us. ISIS= Satan’s false teachings.

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