By Evangelist Michael Parker

On January 19th, 2016, as I was driving home from work, I tuned into the EWTN Network for Catholic Radio, (as I always do) to listen to the dogma and doctrine of Dr. David Anders. Now..Im not converting to Catholicism..or becoming a Catholic, and I also would caution any of you who are NEW to Christianity to be very aware of how Catholicism “sounds” right and has very accurate points at times…however it is the traditional Church Doctrine, Vatican 1, Vatican 2, and the ecumenicals that the Popes have written that come under fire regarding the validity of the Catholic Faith.

So, be cautious in listening to these radio programs because a weak or NEW Christian could easily ask the question..”so what’s wrong with what they are saying”?

Below is the video and the recording of the January 19th radio program that I listened to regarding the callers question about the “Wrath of God” Dr. Anders, beginning around minute 23:50 of the video answers the question regarding this.

I was amazed that a Theologian, who once was a protestant Theologian would answer the question in the manner Dr. Anders did. Dr Anders explains that God cannot get angry. That he does not have a brain, and does not feel human emotions….yet right after this call, another caller is having some difficulty in his Christian walk, and tells the caller that “God loves you”….

We beg to ask the question..that if our Father, who so “loved the world” would give his only begotten son to the world as a sacrifice, if this GOD of the universe cannot get angry..then how can he “love”?

LOVE is also a human emotion and action. If God gives to us, rewards us for our obedience, and his word specifically states that he “rebukes, corrects, and disciplines those he LOVES”…how can the wrath of God be played off as if God cannot get angry? What about Sodom and Gomorrah? What about the Flood? What about the fact that scripture states that God HATED Esau for what he did?

Watch the video below with caution.


  1. I was a protestant for many years and became catholic about 16 months ago after about 3 years of soul searching and searching the scriptures and history. I obtained the 38 volume set of the Church Fathers. (Edited by Protestants I might add) The Church of the First and second Century (About as far as Ive read extensively) does not resemble the theology of modern day evangelicals in the least. I heard the show in question and you misrepresent Dr Anders. It is obvious that he meant God does not have grey brain matter. Jesus himself said that God is spirit and they that worship him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

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