By Evangelist Michael Parker

This morning, as I began to sit and ponder over the events that continue to shape the end times, I listened to a few “prophets” on the internet who are proclaiming doom and gloom.

I truly believe that the spirit of fear has been unleashed upon our nation. Television Evangelists, and here on the internet have gone wild with selling products, food, survival gear, and telling people that the end is here…BUY my stuff.

It seems that the marketing of fear is just another scam to try and get people to purchase things that continue the movement, and allow those that are doing it to profit from it.

While the last 8 years of our country and economy has seen a recovery that has been artificially created, there have also been the thousands of self proclaimed prophets that have posted youtube videos, blogs, and television channels through Ruku, Day Star, and others that proclaim that the end is near, or that we are in the tribulation period, or some other twist of scripture that creates a conspiracy theory of end times.

People who are beginning to “see” what Jesus stated in Matthew 24, and Luke 21, along with the other apostles and disciples and are just now realizing that these things are really happening, are the most vulnerable to these scams and self proclaimed prophets of doom and gloom. It’s almost a “prosperity gospel of doom and gloom” so to speak, that causes fear in the minds of those that now believe we are in the end times, and we all must prepare for the worst.

Yet the most vital part of any message of warning seems to be missing from most of the prophetic self proclaimed prophets….

“Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand”..”Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” “Turn your life over to the cross and to Christ for the forgiveness of sins”..

Our ministry, according to the word of God, has proclaimed that the end times are upon us, and that divine judgment is now the focus of God upon the nations of the world, including Israel.

However, during this transition of dispensation, God still has mercy, and is patient, and is not willing that any should perish. So the gospel must be proclaimed, and souls must be brought to the cross.

In a recent televised airing of “Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural”, a guest by the name of Prophet Hank Kunneman was on, proclaiming the authority of God as a anointed prophet. It was mentioned on the show by Sid Roth that Hank was stated by then Oral Roberts as the “most accurate prophet he knew”.

Mr Kunneman prophesied to Oral Roberts the time of his death, according to Kunneman. Oral Roberts is considered by most of the pentecostal movement as the “Father of the Prosperity Gospel”

The name it and claim it…the store house of wealth, health, and prosperity.

Right now, so many people are on edge, including many christians who are unaware of the seriousness of the hour. A prosperity preacher cannot truly expect to preach just how good God is, when the walls of jericho are falling all around the world. So, another angle must be developed, in order to get people feeling good again, and to give their money to that organization….

“LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” is probably the most damning words Donald Trump or any prosperity gospel teacher or preacher will have to give account for.

However, Kunneman is not perfect, and has inaccurately gave prophecies such as the one in October of 2004, when he prophesied that 3 Supreme Court Justices would vacate their seats, and only two did…

What strikes a nerve with me is this:

We have so many “prophets” that are proclaiming the end is near, that the world has finally stood up and has taken notice. The majority of the world still has no clue what is in store, but have finally taken notice to the messages that have been proclaimed, be it truthful or conspiracy.

Television Evangelists who always wait until the last minute to announce anything, now speak about things that have been known here in blogs for months, if not years, hoping to get the attention of their listeners and audiences for the purpose of profits. Donald Trump has struck a nerve with the American People…many of us listen to his message in his campaigning and hear truth..hear how bad things have gotten, hear how bad things really are..and thanks to the Internet and the prophets of gloom and doom, people now see it and understand something has to be done about it.

So, a message like “Lets Make America Great Again”…is well accepted in these times we live. It’s no mistake that dozens of preachers such as Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, Jan Crouch, and other prosperity gospel teachers and preachers laid hands on Donald Trump for him to win the Presidency at a private meeting with him.

But make no mistake about it…Donald Trump is not the answer to making America Great again..Jesus Christ is the answer. And I do not care who you think can lead this country to “greatness” again….

There will never be a repealing of Roe VS Wade, there will never be a repealing of Gay Marriage, and the next President whom ever it will be, will be placed into office because that is who God has chosen to be there. The question we must ask is…will God place someone in office who is wealthy and wants to create mass amounts of wealth for it’s people, as a blessing…or as a curse?

What “good” has America done over the past 75 years? We have supported Israel, protected her with wealth and arms, and have stood by her during many storms. But our leaders have been corrupt, perverted, evil, and greedy. What blessings come from that? When Obama took office, there was no blessings to be bestowed upon America…it was judgment upon America and Israel.

The goodness of God is shown in many ways, even in his divine wrath and judgment. I just don’t think too many americans see it that way. The events over the last 8years were allowed to bring the nations to repentance..and America has not followed the beat of the drum….this is why 2016 will usher in a new focus on Israel, and her sins. Her redemption is soon, and the results are going to be horrific to the world when they view them. Many will ask just how can a God allow such suffering? Others will see the revival and the conversion, and help the Jews come to Christ.

In the end, many will perish. It has been decreed and declared, according to the word of God. And there shall be no escape. 




  1. FEAR AND BONDAGE are for the ADAMIC UNBELIEVERS .. it may shock you just how many Adamic Unbelievers are in Churches and Church Pulpits in these last days. The Messianic Minister is no doubt a dying breed. People who are afraid to die, obviously have a serious problem with Jesus the Judge or they simply love this Life and World more than Jesus, take your pick.. ref/Romans 8:15, Matthew 28:20.. Sunday Church Meet @ ‘Paradise Now’ Church Brisbane City.. 24.1.2016 .. ..

  2. If there is an election, the winner was elected by the Illuminati 3 years ago and the elections are rigged for the winner to win so does it really matter on who we vote for. I personally believe that Martial Law 3 will be here in July or August or September so there may not be an election at all since Obama now has War Power given to him by congress.

  3. NO Kenneth Copeland did not lay hands on TRUMP to win the election, He prayed for him like a man of GOD would,he said he would pray for others also if theyd ask not just Trump, but did they ask?

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