By Evangelist Michael Parker

We have seen the campaign  propaganda machines rev up all year long in 2015 for candidates in this year’s election and now, we’ve finished January, you would think that the race for the White House is only days away…

With a nation divided like never before in modern day history, the Clinton Campaign could prove to be what put’s Donald Trump into the White House….and then again, Clinton may have more than just a campaign on her side.

I’m sure that most of you know by now that there is a power of elites that call the shots over world economies. Some people say that our government is ran by these “Illuminati” members and that all decisions in the WH are based on their orders…I’m not sure that it works exactly like that, but can agree with the facts that a large degree of Satanic influence from an elite power is definitely possible.

And if history serves itself right, and it always does, God allows certain things to transpire, even if it proves to be demonic in nature.

When the Assyrians were allowed by God to attack the nation of Israel as part of her judgment, and when all was said and done, God also punished Israel’s enemies ( the assyrians) for doing so.

If an elite of leaders does exist, you can rest assured that at this point in bible prophecy, (much like Israel) that the people of the United States who have rejected a God and worshiped Idols and has partied in the mud of immorality as America has for decades, is about to find out just how angry their true God is with them.

Lets factor in the possibility of Hilary Clinton winning the presidential election. There would be no policy changes from the Obama administration at fact, our country could be pushed over the edge very quickly should this happen. Our enemies, much like Israel, will be allowed by the WH to infiltrate our country and attack us from within. Realistically, they are ready to do this now, and have achieved some stability under the Obama regime. But a more broader and solid plan would be to put Hilary in the WH and Obama as the new Chair of the United Nations..a nightmare scenario that would prove the plans of the Obama WH all destroy America from within.

Now, the flip side of the coin is Donald Trump. There are dozens of Democrats that would jump ship if Hilary was nominated as the front runner for the democratic party. This due to her Benghazi scandal and the emails from her server. Many view this as a GOP tactic to keep her from the White House.

Should the Democratic Senators jump ship and give their support to Donald Trump, then a narrow margin of win for Trump if he receives the nominee from the party could be possible. Is Trump any better for America?

Perhaps fact he could be prophetic. A Trump win could open the doors for a time the Apostle Paul warned us about..The Church…and the world…

“But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. 2For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 3For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.4But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. 5Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.”

While the world and America was relishing in the good old days where prosperity was flourishing, where an agreement with Israel and her enemies was reached…where new technologies burst onto the world scene making young entrepreneurs billions, and the middle class wealthy once again…where people had a sense of God and Country, where great revival in the Seeker Friendly Church was taking place…God sends his son to fetch her bride..and the world is caught off guard…with sudden destruction the likes it never has seen…and the Tribulation period officially begins. Millions of professing Christians are left wondering why they were not taken…and soon they realize that the people who taught the Rapture Doctrine were correct…that they have been left behind to suffer through the Great Tribulation…The Time Of Jacobs Trouble.

Heretics are popping up all over the world trying to convince Christians that the doctrine of the Rapture is untrue. The Catholic Church in it’s infancy stages uses the latin word for Rapture in it’s Latin Vulgate pronounced “rapiemuir” in I Thessalonians 4-16,17 when it was translated by Saint Jerome.

As the Papal Inquisition was coming to a close, The first person to whom the  doctrine concerning a rapture prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ, was Francisco Ribera (1537–1591) was a Spanish Jesuit theologian, identified with the Futurist Christian eschatological view.

He was born at Villacastín.[1] He joined the Society of Jesus in 1570, and taught at the University of Salamanca. He acted as confessor to Teresa of Avila. He died in 1591 at the age of fifty-four, one year after the publication of his work In Sacrum Beati Ioannis Apostoli, & Evangelistiae Apocalypsin Commentarij

In order to remove the papacy of the Catholic Church from consideration as the Antichrist (as an act of countering the Protestant Reformation), Ribera began writing a lengthy (500 page) commentary in 1585 on the Book of Revelation(Apocalypse) titled In Sacrum Beati Ioannis Apostoli, & Evangelistiae Apocalypsin Commentarij, proposing that the first few chapters of the Apocalypse apply to ancient pagan Rome, and the rest he limited to a yet future period of 3½ literal years, immediately prior to the second coming. During that time, the Roman Catholic Church would have fallen away from the pope into apostasy because of the Reformation cry stating that “the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist.” (Martin Luther, Aug. 18, 1520). Then, he proposed, the Antichrist, a single individual, would:

  • Persecute and blaspheme the saints of God
  • Rebuild the temple in Jerusalem
  • Abolish the Christian religion
  • Deny Jesus Christ
  • Destroy Rome
  • Be received by the Jews
  • Pretend to be God
  • Kill the two witnesses of God
  • Conquer the world.

To accomplish this, Ribera proposed that the 1260 days and 42 months and 3½ times of prophecy were not 1260 years as based on the year-day principle (Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6), but a literal 3½ years, hence preventing the arrival of the deduction of (i) the 1260 years.

Other works
  • Vida de la madre Teresa de Jesús (1590), a work of hagiography.[3]
  • In epistolam B. Pauli apostoli ad Hebraeos commentarii (1600).[4]

Futurism (Christianity) is the proposal that the Book of Revelation does not bear the application to the Middle Ages or the papacy, rather the “future” (more particularly to a period immediately prior to the Second Coming). The Dictionary of Premillennial Theology (1997) states that Ribera was an Augustinian amillennialist, whose form of futurism proposed that only the introductory chapters of “Revelation referred to ancient Rome, and the remainder referred to a literal three and half years at the end of time. His interpretation was then followed by Robert Bellarmine and the Spanish Dominican Thomas Malvenda.[2][5]

Thomas Brightman, in particular, writing in the early 17th century as an English Protestant, contested Ribera’s views. He argued that the Catholic use of the Vulgate had withheld commentary from the Book of Revelation, and then provided an interpretation avoiding the connection with the Papacy put forward in the historicist point of view.[6]

Thomas Brightman was right..The Catholic Church from that time and now teaches that any protestant belief in the Rapture is wrong, and is a heretical teaching..while members of their own Church wrote about the Rapture during the Papal Inquisition..and the Anti Christ.thus proving that the doctrine of the rapture was being taught long before the 19th century as most opposing believers today state..

In other words, the origins of the Rapture was first discovered by the Catholic Priests and Saints that wrote about it, and then as the reformation and the Inquisition started, the Catholic Church was killing and removing Priests who held the view of the Rapture, and that the Pope and the Catholic Church was the Anti Christ and the false religion/harlot church.

So, if you believe that the Rapture is a false doctrine, then you believe exactly like the Catholic Church teaches…that it is a heretical teaching attributed to Protestant Futurism. When we compare the attributes of the Anti Christ system and the leader of that system..this is what we discover:

1. It will rise to be a great power after the fall of the pagan Roman empire (after 476 A.D.). See Early Church Fathers on Antichrist.
2. It will be a geographically small nation (a little horn).
3. It will rule over many people, nations, and tongues (it will be universal).
4. It will be headquartered in the city of seven hills, Rome.
5. It will be a religio-political entity — a political city-state ruled by a priest-king.
6. Its priest-king will make great and blasphemous claims.
7. It will claim authority over all kings.
8. It will claim its power to change the holy times and laws of God as its mark of authority.
9. It will be an apostate church, that makes the nations drink her cup of apostate doctrine.
10. It will be a “mother” church, with apostate daughters coming from her.
11. It will be a persecuting power, killing the faithful saints of Jesus Christ as heretics.
12. It will hold power and authority for 1260 years following the fall of pagan Rome.
13. It will suffer a deadly wound that will end 1260 years of dominance and persecution.
14. It will be revived after the deadly wound, and all the world will wonder at it’s revival.

In this the “Historical” interpretation, the antichrist was clearly not merely a single individual, it was a system of apostasy and persecution that would hold sway for over twelve centuries:

… this apostasy was to have a head, and the coming and character of that head are the great subject of Paul’s Thessalonian prophecy. A mistaken apprehension of his first letter to them had led the Thessalonians to expect an immediate advent of Christ, and in his second epistle Paul sets himself to correct this error by further instruction as to the future. He tells them of something that was destined to precede the return of Christ, a great apostasy, which would reach its climax in the manifestation of a certain mighty power of evil; to which he attaches three names, and of which he gives many particulars similar to those which Daniel gave of his “little horn,” such as the place and time of its origin, its nature, sphere, character, conduct, and doom.

The names which the apostle gives to this head of the apostasy in this prophecy are “that man of sin, . . . the son of perdition,” and “that wicked” or “lawless” one. These expressions might convey to the mind of superficial readers the idea that the predicted head of the apostasy would be anindividual. Careful study however shows this to be a false impression�an impression for which there is no solid foundation in the passage. The expressions themselves, when analysed grammatically, are seen to bear another signification quite as well, if not better, and the context demands that they be understood in a dynastic sense. “The man of sin,” like “the man of God,” has a broad, extended meaning. When we read “that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works,” we do not suppose it means any one individual man, although it has the definite article. It indicates a whole class of men of a certain character, succession of similar individuals. The use of the definite article (analogous to the omission of the article in Greek) does indeed limit an expression of the kind. A man of sin could be only one, just as a king of England could mean only an individual. The king, on the other hand, may include a whole dynasty. A king has but the life of an individual, the king never dies. When, in speaking of the Jewish tabernacle in Hebrews, Paul says that into the holiest of all “went the high priest alone once every year,” he includes the entire succession of the high priests of Israel. That a singular expression in a prophecy may find its fulfilment in a plurality of individuals is perfectly clear from John’s words, “As ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even so now are there many antichrists 1

Any doubt or ambiguity as to the true force of the expression “the man of sin” is however removed by a consideration of the context of this passage. Grammatically it may mean either an individual or a succession of similar individuals. The context determines that it actually does mean the latter. “The mystery of iniquity,” in which this man of sin was latent, was already working in Paul’s day. The apostasy out of which he was to grow was already in existence. “The mystery of iniquity doth already work.” The man of sin, on the other hand, was to continue till the second advent of Christ, which is still future; for he is destroyed, as it is distinctly stated, only by the brightness of the epiphany. The interval between Paul’s days and those of the still future advent was then to be filled by the great apostasy in either its incipient working as a mystery of iniquity or its open manifestation and great embodiment in the career of ” the man of sin and son of perdition.” That career must consequently extend over more than a thousand years, for the process of gestation is certainly briefer than the duration of life. In this case of the man of sin the two together occupy at least eighteen centuries. What proportion of the period can we assign to the hidden, mysterious growth of this power, and what to its wonderfully active and influential life? The life must of course occupy the larger half, to say the least of it, and therefore, as no individual lives on through ages, we may be sure that it is a succession of men, a dynasty of rulers, that is intended by the ambiguous expression. We, students of the nineteenth century, may be sure of this, though the students of early centuries could not. — Romanism and the Reformation, From the Standpoint of Prophecy, Henry Grattan Guinness, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 27, Paternoster Row, 1887, pgs. 82-85.

The inevitable conclusion of those who studied these prophesies in scripture, before and during the Protestant Reformation, was that there was only one entity that fit all the above characteristics: the papal dynasty of the Roman Catholic Church. Is it any wonder that the Catholic Church was so violently opposed to the scriptures being available for everyone to read for themselves? There was such a stir created during the reformation that the  Fifth Lateran Council (1512-17 A.D.) resorted to strictly forbidding anyone to publish a book without prior censorship, and also prohibited anyone from preaching on the subject of antichrist.

In conclusion, we started this article off with the speculation of Hilary and Donald being elected as president…and most of you by now have wondered how this all ties together…

I will leave you with this one reoccurring statement that Our Ministry was founded on…

“Jesus is coming back much sooner than you believe”





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