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The American Center for Law and Justice has said that it is preparing a series of critical legal actions to address the “problem of hell” in the face of the ongoing Christian genocide at the hands of the Islamic State terror group, including letters to every U.S. presidential candidate laying out their obligations to protect victims.

The ACLJ, whose petition to protect Christians and other minorities has been signed by over 174,000 people, said that the truth lies in the statistics — there were 1.4 million Christians in Iraq in 2003, but now that number has dropped by 82 percent, down to a population of 250,000 or less.

The numbers are just as harrowing in Syria, where two-thirds of the 2 million or so Christian population has been left displaced or slaughtered because of Islamic extremism and the ongoing civil war.

“Despite the fact that Christian communities of Iraq and Syria are ancient ones with ties to the earliest Church, and while some of these Christians still pray in the Aramaic language of Jesus of Nazareth and trace their religion to Thomas (one of the 12 apostles), they now face a situation that Pope Frances calls an ‘ecumenism of blood,'” the law group wrote.

The U.S. government offered a response back in March when Secretary of State John Kerry finally recognized the ongoing slaughter of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria as a genocide, but the ACLJ says that much more needs to be done to protect vulnerable populations.

“The slaughter continues,” the conservative group said, noting that in several cities in Syria, Christians are on the edge of extinction.

“For centuries, Syria was a melting pot that included Sunni Muslims, Alawites, Christians, Armenians and others. Today, the sand runs red with the blood of Christians and others,” it wrote.

“Now the vicious ISIS ideology that sustains genocide has spread to parts of Asia and North and Central Africa. Regrettably, despite this spreading virus, the Obama Administration refuses to clearly identify the party responsible for this terror or take aggressive action to end the slaughter.”

The ACLJ noted that it will be sending letters to America’s presidential candidates, which include Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, “laying out the gruesome facts and the legal obligations to protect the victims,” as well as a separate letter to the United Nations Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide.

Christian leaders in Iraq and Syria have themselves warned several times that the religion is in danger amid the IS-driven genocide.

“We are a people on the brink of extinction,” said Juliana Taimoorazy, a Chaldean Catholic and ethnic Assyrian, back in April.

“We gave a lot to Christianity as Eastern Christians, and we gave a lot to humanity as the Assyrian people: Our history is 6,700 years old, and we established the first library in the world, among other contributions,” added Taimoorazy, who is the executive director and founder of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council.

Father Douglas al-Bazi, a priest who was held and tortured by Islamic extremists in 2006, told The Christian Post in March that it is impossible to overstate what is happening to believers in Iraq and Syria.

“We are victims. The word [genocide] sometimes doesn’t make sense to us. Genocide is a big word here. To me and to my people, ‘genocide’ is a polite word. I think we need to find another word to be fitting for what has happened to my people,” the priest told CP at the time.

“We are talking about systematic genocide. We are not talking about one [instance] just happening by the Islamic State. We are talking about a huge history of targeting our people. We are are one of the oldest groups — Christians in Iraq and Mesopotamia. Just suddenly we find ourselves losing everything.”

Comments from Prophecies Of The End Times:

As our brothers and sisters who continue to be slaughtered, executed, crucified, raped, beheaded, and lit on fire while alive face death in the Middle East, the west, particularly the United States, and the Churches here, continue to preach about prosperity, how to be a better person in Christ, and how to obtain the wealth you deserve by claiming it and naming it in Christ……


When will these charlatans admit that their preaching and doctrines are sending their congregations to hell?

When they are left behind after the Great Gathering known as The Rapture….then, and only then, will Pastors and Preachers who have been left behind with their congregations know that they have been intentionally left behind to suffer through the Great Tribulation, and to join their brothers and sisters who have been martyred before them. They will discover the reason why….

Many denominations who do not preach a Rapture Doctrine any more, completely ignore what’s taking place in the Middle East. They leave it out of their messages. It’s almost ironic that these denominations have clearly steered away from teaching a pretribulational rapture, because it is unfair in the eyes of the Church that some members may make it to heaven before the Great Tribulation Period begins, while others will be left behind to suffer through it.

Youtube Evangelist Anita Fuentes and her husband/Pastor Ignacio claim that the eyes of people need to be opened regarding the “urgent exhortation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the last Days Persecuted Church”.

Their ministry claims that they are preparing the “last days church” for the coming persecution.

Since Christ ascended into heaven, we have been in the “last days”…and since the church was birthed on the day of Pentecost, it has been persecuted. The last days church is now, and they have been persecuted all over the world, except here in the United States.

To whom much has been given, much will be required.

America is still the most desirable place to live on planet earth.  And for those who wish to jump on the bandwagon and proclaim prosperity, or jump on the wagon of fear and make people by food and durable goods before the Great Tribulation happens…it’s all the same. Profit is being made from “teachers” like this who proclaim a different message than what scripture delegates. This comes from a lack of knowledge and also from greed.

For Christians, who believe that Christ is returning as scripture states for his bride before the Great Tribulation Period, a stark warning comes from Christ…”pray that you are found worthy to escape all of these things”…Luke 21

God has always saved a remnant. And he will also do this again with the bride of Christ. You and I have to work out our salvation in such a way, and according to scripture, to be found worthy to escape the Great Tribulation. There is no one better than the other, only what God seeks in your heart, and by the covering of the blood of Jesus Christ. Be a doer of the word. Get up, and seek our Saviors face, and find out what it is that he wishes for you to accomplish in this life. Be ready to give your life, even unto death. And do it all for the glory of our Lord and Savior.

Evangelist Michael Parker


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