By Evangelist Michael Parker

I cannot think of any more reason than right now to make sure your gifts and donations to this ministry count in a way like never before. Our local and world outreach programs to help Christians abroad and to reach the lost need your support.

With the recent wave of violence sweeping the middle east, and the threat of homeland security attacks, it is now more vital than ever to get the news out to the lost, and to babes in Christ and seasoned believers. Your generous gift or donation will help do just that.

Our ministry has been so blessed by those of you who have given of your financial resources. I cannot praise God enough for your help and support. With the increase God has provided us through our full time jobs, we have purchased new computer equipment and sound equipment It would have not been possible if you had not given of your financial support to this ministry, while we focused on expenditures that our personal income could purchase.

This Podcast, Blog and Ministry is supported by our generous listeners like you.
This Podcast, Blog and Ministry is supported by our generous listeners like you.

Our main frame computer is now state of the art in our studio, with 32 GB Ram, 3TB of SDD and Hard drive storage, Fiber Optic Sound Card, with a Numark Express Deck Sound Mixer. Our motherboard and Intel Processor is next generation and is already set for the next type of Intel processor produced. I stand in our studio and weep at times looking back at the 8 year old computer I was using, and what God has provided in this last year.

Our next level is Video.

We will be seeking to purchase a DSLR Camera/Video with Wifi and Streaming capabilities. This state of the art video equipment will give us an edge in producing HD quality video LIVE and streaming to our Youtube account for Sunday Morning Services, Prophecy News and Update Videos, Bible Study and Teachings, and general video announcements.  If all goes as the Lord has planned, we may be streaming Live Video by the end of the year, Lord willing and if he tarries. Your gifts and donations can make this happen should the Lord place it upon your heart to give towards this cause.

Our Roku Channel cannot move forward until we have the professional equipment to produce these videos. Lighting, green screen and other accessories are also needed. I continue to move forward in my education with Christian Leaders Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary to bring you the most comprehensive knowledge of the word of God. Recently, we were contacted by Lesea Broadcasting Network and Calvary Chapel Radio for production of video and audio programs.

Of course, they also need financial support and thus the cost of placing a T.V. program or radio program is not cheap….Our ministry has always turned to the Lord for it’s needs, and for it’s path and guidance. I ask you to do the same.Let the Lord guide you in your giving and in your path always.

Pray before you give to any cause, and seek him to ask for wisdom before you donate or give. By all means, have a cheerful heart when you do, and know that should he lead you to give to this ministry, my goal is to always be a good steward of what you give. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you and may he prosper you in such a way, that you are used as a tool to further the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom by your giving to it’s cause.

In Christ

Evangelist Michael Parker

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