By Evangelist Michael Parker

The state of California, where the Gay movement was born back in the 60’s, when there is always some new perversion that sweeps the country, where more abortions have been performed than any other state in the US…where prostitution was more prominent than anywhere else in the country…where most of the nations $50B Porn industry is filmed….


When God dealt strict judgement upon the lands of the middle east, he did so first with drought…and then famine followed. California has been suffering from a unprecedented drought, where 66 million trees are dead in the sierras, where the valley and the cities are timber boxes, and where the heat can at times be so relentless, that thousands of acres are charred each year.

Has God showed this state what is wrong? Has he inflicted judgment upon this state as the 8th largest economy in the world is slowly decimated by the judgments that God allows?

Yes, and there’s more. Seismologists are giving a dire warning that a large scale earthquake is imminent for California. And scientists think that the Tar pits in LaBrea are really an active volcano ready to blow. It all sounds like a scene out of a science fiction movie….only it’s real, and it’s more than likely all going to take place in yours and mine lifetime..maybe sooner.

Off the coast of California are the Pacific Subduction Plates. One slip from these plates would send huge shockwaves to the Northern part of California, along with a Tsunami the size of Japans.

These are the days of Noah and Lot…Floods and Fire…and judgment upon our land.

If your not a born again believer, you really need to consider right now becoming one..


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