By Evangelist Michael Parker

Ok…our country faces one of the most important Elections in it’s history in 3 days. New Emails indicate that Clinton’s E Mail Scandal may be reopened. Trump is basking in the sun of truthfulness as Hillary sweats out her last minute ditch efforts to derail a Trump win. This is what Hollywood movies are made of. While all of this is going on, you have a complete circus of Spiritual and “Evangelists” claiming that there will be no election.

We have Israel up in arms with the UNESCO decision…Russia is planting it’s feet firmly in Syria, and chaos is unraveling in Turkey.

Some have alluded to the possibility that Obama may remain in office and will lead the world into the Great Tribulation Period. Well, incase you haven’t noticed, I believe that some of that has already begun…at least the birth pangs.

Obama has fired dozens of 5 star generals…all who have had tactical nuclear training in the event of nuclear war…China has hacked into our main frames and has stolen nuke info..perhaps the launch codes themselves..making us sitting ducks.

During the past half century, no president has dared to change the nation’s nuclear strategy in any fundamental way. Mired in a Cold-War mind-set, the strategy today has grown less and less connected to the contemporary world and its emerging security threats: terrorism, proliferation, cyber warfare, economic disruption, mass refugee migrations and climate change. Though the strategy’s underlying principles are increasingly outdated, they still underlie a raft of crucial defense policies and programs.

President Obama may be trying to change that in the three months he has left in office. In Prague in April 2009, in the first big foreign policy speech of his presidency, Obama laid out a vision of “a world without nuclear weapons.” Seven years later, he’s done little to realize this goal, but now Obama is contemplating some bold ideas to advance his Prague vision, involving two major reforms in nuclear policy. They are: “no-first-use”—taking off the table the option of ever initiating the use of U.S. nuclear weapons—and “no-launch-on-warning”—eliminating the option of unleashing nuclear weapons immediately after detecting an apparent nuclear strike in progress but before the incoming weapons reach their targets.

Ok… almost sounds like that if we detect that a nuclear bomb has been launched against us, that Obama would not launch one against the country that is trying to blow us off the map? Do we wait to see where the bomb lands and how many people it will kill, or do we try and blow it out of the sky first?

I find it very disheartening that the President of the United States, who has been involved with every major chaotic upheaval since 2008 would remove off the table the ability to strike back at a country that launches a nuclear attack against the USA….don’t you? So let’s run some hypotheticals here…

Lets say that Clinton gets pulled from the race and has to give up her security clearance, thus leaving her no other option but to drop out of the race for President. At that time, Kaine steps up to the plate, and the democratic party goes into overdrive. Obama then issues a executive order demanding that the elections be postponed until the trial of Hillary has been given a date. (No acting, running, or otherwise sitting President has ever been a known Felon). The Democratic Party comes up with a brilliant idea..let Michelle Obama run….Hillary supports the idea from Jail, and encourages Michelle to do it. With just 3 days left to election day, Obama scraps the entire idea and throws the world into chaos by calling off the elections with a sure Trump win…..

Sounds crazy…maybe on the brink of delusional….stay tuned.


  1. Trump is “basking in the sun of truthfulness”? Who are you really trying to lie to, us or yourself? Almost every word out of his mouth is a lie. Trump is the closest any presidential candidate has ever been to being the actual biblical Antichrist–and here you are lying to people to lead them to him. You’ve been deceived.

    • My comment was directed at the facts of the truthfulness of the Wiki Leaks and Hillary Clinton. Trump is basking in the Sun of hearing the truth regarding Clinton and her agenda….such division and hatefulness from people who claim to know Christ..

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