“‘That’s power’: Trump-whisperer and ‘economic nationalist’ Steve Bannon revels in liberals and the media calling him Darth Vader and Satan saying they ‘have no idea what’s going on”

  • Incoming White House chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen Bannon sat down for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter 
  • Bannon liked being characterized as a villain because he believed it showed the cluelessness of liberals and the media 
  • He suggested that the media’s echochamber allowed his candidate to win the White House
  • Bannon dismissed criticism that he’s racist, calling himself an ‘economic populist’ and wanting to make the Trump administration all about jobs  

Donald Trump‘s newly-minted chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen Bannon seems to get a kick out of the villainous caricature liberals and the media have constructed for him.

‘Darkness is good: Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power,’ Bannon told the Hollywood Reporter in a new profile. ‘It only helps us when [the media and liberals] get it wrong. When they’re blind of who we are and what we’re doing.’

He later adds that the media is ‘just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no idea of what’s going on,’ which is why they couldn’t better predict Trump’s coming.

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Prophecies Of The End Times Comments: I can see that it’s not only the media or journalists that have reported this story wrong, but Christians also have pointed out in their blogs that Steve Bannon is admitting he is a Satanist or trying to project the Dark Forces he brings to the White House. All I will comment on is that the liberal media all during the Trump campaign has tried desperately to paint a picture of Donald Trump as a Anti Christ White supremacists and continues to do so. They call his picks controversial when he names someone and it’s really getting downright depressing that bloggers who claim to be born again jump on the slanderous media train and join forces with them just to drive traffic to their blog. Very unprofessional.   

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