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Rioting on the Temple Mount before Blood Red Moons

Palestinian Rioters on the Temple Mount Throw Molotov Cocktails:

Jerusalem Online:

The Temple Mount was closed this morning to visitors following a violent confrontation that developed there the day before Passover evening.  Dozens of Palestinian rioters threw Molotov cocktails, stones and flares in the direction of Israeli Police forces at the entrance to the Temple Mount at the Mughrabi Gate.


Following the riots, the Israeli Police came into the Temple Mount compound and dispersed the rioters. They used stun grenades.

In recent weeks, there was a marked escalation at the Temple Mount. The extremist Waqf has tried to prevent Jews and other non-Muslim tourists from visiting the area.

Last month, two weeks after the visit of Minister Uri Ariel to the area, MK Moshe Feiglin went to the Temple Mount accompanied by Israeli Police forces. Palestinian rioters identified the Israeli MK and his entourage. They gathered around him, yelled abusive words, and some even threw a hail of stones on them.

The Israeli Police were forced to escort the MK out of the compound and arrested two suspects. The Israeli police dispersed the crowd and closed the Temple Mount Compound to visiters.

A number of days prior to that, a violent incident occurred when dozens of masked Palestinian youths threw stones and flares at Israeli Police forces in the compound, which were opening the area up to visiters. The Police dispersed them using stun grenades and a teenager that was in the area was lightly injured.


COMING SOON to Fire Of The Holy Ghost Broadcasting Network

Evangelist Dina Kalmeta of Your New Life In Christ Ministries has joined Fire Of The Holy Ghost Broadcasting Network Ministries in a joint effort to spread the gospel and warn unbelievers of the soon return of Jesus Christ.


Leaked Phone Conversation reveals Nuclear threat…

Ukraine Leader In New Leaked Recording: 8 Million Russians In Ukraine “Must Be Killed With Nuclear Weapons”

Tyler Durden's picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/24/2014 13:48 -0400

While the NSA is busy justifying its spying of every American its existence thanks to famous Moscow resident Edward Snowden, its Russian counterparts have been busy intercepting even more phone Ukrainian conversations. What is revealed is bible prophecy in the making…

RFID Chip gets makeover and coming to a hospital near you

In the not-too-distant future, you’ll begin to see “digital tattoos” cropping up all over the place. Their first, and probably biggest use will be in the medical field, where an ultra thin, flexible sensor will be applied to a patient much like a child’s “fake tattoo.”

These ultra sensitive devices will then be able to gather enormous amounts of data from your body. Everything from blood pressure to heart rate, to hydration levels, and more. Once gathered, the data will be able to be transmitted wirelessly to the cloud, where it can be accessed or manipulated by the owners of the data via app. Oh..did we mention they are funded by Obamacare? Sorry, and all of you who claimed this was not part of were wrong…


Storm Clouds Gathering?

Back on 17 March,  two US Air Force officers, Colonel Charles Hamilton and Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Olson, were ordered by President Obama to be immediately relieved of their duties over what the Pentagon described as “a loss of confidence in their abilities.”

Colonel’s Hamilton and Olson now join the list of nearly 200 top US military officers purged by Obama, but whose dismissals have sent “shockwaves” throughout the world’s intelligence communities as along with their fellow dismissed officers are “strongly believed” to be a part of what is called the “Snowden Coup Plotters” attempting to prevent World War III from occurring.

What is vitally important to understand about why both Colonel’s Hamilton and Olson were purged is that they were in charge of the incredibly vast and secretive US-NSA military global spying nexus located at the Royal Air Force Croughton base in Northamptonshire, England.


U.S. Cities in 20 States “Abandon” the Dollar

An aggressive move by these cities is quietly going unnoticed by main stream media…and probably because the WH has silenced the media on reporting this…however, we found this article in a leading investment e-zine..and could not believe what we had read…This information was revealed by one of America’s most richest men, Warren Buffet


Latest Prophecy News Watch Headlines as of 3/20/2014

Prophecy Headlines as of March 20th, 2014 Source – Tracking Bible Prophecy


Breaking>>>”The REAL reason why Russia invaded Ukraine”

Just as we thought, and as we have researched,we found this article published in the Motley Fool by John Maxfield…


Putin is Unshaken…Introducing Gog.

Russia has long been mistaken as Magog for centuries…Modern day scholars point that according to manuscripts, Magog is modern day Turkey, and Gog along with Rosh, is Russia and Asia Minor. So, with Russia showing much aggression,where is the Turkey and the Israel connection with all of this if we are seeing the possible stages of Ezekiel 38 and 39 come to pass with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?


Attention Churches of America…and of Branch County, Michigan…are YOU going to fall for this?

Lately, Churches from across the country and in our local area have fallen for a deception so simple, it boggles my mind. Across the Country, it is the deception of “Unity in the body of Christ” lead by the Catholic Church. “The protest is over” according to Tony Palmer, a leader in the Ecumenical Movement to unify the churches under Rome. Pope Francis is also campaigning for this, reaching out to Protestant Churches across the world, proclaiming UNITY…the Catholic denomination means UNIVERSAL…in other words, we are all Catholics…because in 1999, the Catholic Church and The Lutheran Denomination declared the Protest was over. Catholics NOW believe that it is by “FAITH alone that you are saved by is the gift of God..lest any man should boast..” ending the 500 year old conflict..Catholics NOW believe the same thing as EVANGELICALS….so there is no more protest..and this means NO MORE PROTESTANT CHURCHES….but is this REALLY what is being preached?

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