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Why is the largest religious organization on the planet spending so much time and energy looking for “brother extraterrestrial”?

Why in the world is the Vatican searching for extraterrestrial life?


The Pope, and President Obama…The Last Days

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Face to face for the first time, President Barack Obama and Pope Francis focused publicly on their mutual respect and shared concern for the poor on Thursday. But their lengthy private discussion also highlighted the deep differences between the White House and the Catholic Church on abortion and birth control.


Attention Churches of America…and of Branch County, Michigan…are YOU going to fall for this?

Lately, Churches from across the country and in our local area have fallen for a deception so simple, it boggles my mind. Across the Country, it is the deception of “Unity in the body of Christ” lead by the Catholic Church. “The protest is over” according to Tony Palmer, a leader in the Ecumenical Movement to unify the churches under Rome. Pope Francis is also campaigning for this, reaching out to Protestant Churches across the world, proclaiming UNITY…the Catholic denomination means UNIVERSAL…in other words, we are all Catholics…because in 1999, the Catholic Church and The Lutheran Denomination declared the Protest was over. Catholics NOW believe that it is by “FAITH alone that you are saved by is the gift of God..lest any man should boast..” ending the 500 year old conflict..Catholics NOW believe the same thing as EVANGELICALS….so there is no more protest..and this means NO MORE PROTESTANT CHURCHES….but is this REALLY what is being preached?


Vatican Series 1, 2, and 3 Steven Ben DeNoon

If your looking for 3 videos regarding the Vatican and the creation of Islam, our brother in Christ Rabbi Steven Ben DeNoon has put together a  video series that we have linked too…the time is short..we ask that you share these videos all over the web to get the word out regarding the deception behind the Vatican and the uniting of Evangelical Churches with The Vatican. Saints we are in  final hour stage that is going to damn many souls, and that God is going to send strong delusion to the world that they might believe a lie….watch ALL THREE of these videos…you wont want to miss any of this.


7 Reasons why The Gospel MUST be preached to The Jews..

Seven Reasons From Scripture Why The Gospel Must Go To The Jewish People
By Dr. Todd Baker

B’rit Hadashah Ministries is committed to proclaiming the Gospel to the Jewish people in Israel. So far I have conducted several Gospel outreaches in Israel. We found the Jewish people there to be open, appreciative, and interested in the good news of Jesus the Messiah. Several individuals there have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior and became completed Jews born anew in the Messiah. Taking the Gospel to the Jews of Israel is not an option or choice for us; it is commanded by God in Scripture. In fact the Bible provides seven reasons why this is so.


Catholics support Francis, but many split on teachings: poll

As we near the  1 year anniversary of Pope Francis and the papacy, what do Catholics think of his job so far?

A poll taken finds that the USA (aka Sodom and Gomorrah) show that 40% of American Catholics support the ban on Gay Marriage..while African Catholics , nearly 99 % support the ban on gay marriage….do you American Catholics get the picture?


The “Frame Work” of Peace…

In a matter of weeks, and possibly sooner than that, the US Secretary of State John Kerry will present Israel and Palestine with a peace plan. An American-crafted peace plan that he refers to as a “framework agreement.”

True, this plan is the result of endless weeks and months of conversation with both sides (and also with the Jordanians), but understand this: This is the plan that President Obama wants to impose on both parties. This is the plan that is supposed to create the context for the final treaty, which the White House wants negotiated and signed by the end of this year (2014).

A recent story in the Israeli Times included some excerpts from the framework agreement, and it contains a number of elements that are hugely unpopular with both sides.


Ladies and Gentleman..I give you The Real Identity of Pope Francis

Seems we have discovered a documentary that will more than likely be pulled very soon…this is 100% proof that we are living in the last days, and the revealing of The Anti Christ..



The Vatican and The Temple Mount

Sources close to Prophecies Of The End Times has disclosed that the Middle East Peace process may have taken a sudden twist with the agreements given to the Vatican regarding the Temple Mount. This video and report shows compelling evidence that in May of 2014, Pope Francis will be given control over the Temple Mount. Kerry and Obama will have stepped back from the peace process, and The Vatican will step in along with Russia.

We live in exciting times..lift up your heads..for your redemption draweth nigh..


Pope Francis “embraced” before the Wailing Wall in Israel?

Argentine rabbi: Pope’s visit to Holy Land could foster peace…

.- Rabbi Abraham Skorka, rector of the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary, believes that Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the Holy Land is a chance to bring a message of peace to the world.

The rabbi, who is a close friend of the Pope from Argentina, said he received news of the Holy Father’s May 24-26 visit to the Holy Land “with great joy.”

“We dreamed of this visit to the Holy Land, to Israel in particular, based on deep friendship and with a message of peace for all the citizens of the region,” he explained. ( The rest of this article is a bomb shell..keep reading)

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