If you would like to support this ministry by giving a donation, we would appreciate your gift or donation to further the Kingdom of God.Prophecies Of The End Times furnishes several financial obligations for outside ministries including CWW7NEWS and The Home Church Online. We also provide programming assistance, video and graphic development, and software for these ministries.

Our podcasts are now being privately stored on this website and server, to better serve our followers who can download them right from our website. Recently, we purchased a large assortment of professional video equipment to provide professional videos for our documentaries, interviews, and outside services. Our goal was to purchase this equipment and then to ask the Lord to bless the services by what we offered, and to recoup our investment through this ministry. Thank you in advance for your support and for helping us continue to reach the lost of this world with the gospel in print, video, and live podcasts.

So, by becoming a “Focal Point Partner”, you help us financially to continue to reach millions with the gospel, bible teachings, documentaries, and services that otherwise might not be possible. God loves a cheerful giver. You can start by giving just $5 a month, $10 a month, or whatever amount God lays upon your heart. May he press it, return it, and allow you a blessing from his treasures in heaven for doing so. NOTE- All gifts or donations are NOT recurring. You can give a one time gift, or chose to give a gift at your convenience. We do not allow recurring gifts to be charged to your credit card or debit card

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