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The Rapture has in years since the boom of the Internet, has suddenly become a subject so controversial, that you are considered a heretic if you preach it. The following video was produced in the late 1980′s…watch this video and ask yourself how far off these guys are regarding the events leading up to the rapture, and if by what they state is close are we to The Rapture of the Church…

Would Jesus Mock the Rapture?

I do not understand the mocking I have witnessed over the last few years regarding the pre-Tribulational rapture view, especially among believers. I mean, if someone does not appreciate the view, fine; but why mock it as though it is so inconceivable that only a moron would believe it? No one likes to be mocked. If opponents to the view were mocked for their particular views by pre-Tribbers, I imagine such would be deemed unacceptable. Why, then, do they participate in the same? Have we forgotten Christ’s admonition to treat others as we would like to be treated (Matt. 7:12), and that it applies to every area of our lives, even to our theological views of the end of days?

However our particular views of the end times is laid out, what cannot be denied is that there will be a rapture — a general and genuine resurrection — of all the living and already departed saints. This is explicitly taught in Scripture (1 Cor. 15:51-52; 1 Thess 4:16-17). Let non-believers mock the Lord Jesus’ return and the rapture (link); but may a professing believer never mock His return and our being raptured [arpagēsometha, i.e., to seize, snatch away, obtain by force] or being gathered together to be with Him merely because we disagree over the timing of this future event. The timing of the event is far less significant than the future reality of the event itself. Christ really will return, and we really will be caught up to meet Him, in the atmosphere nonetheless.

I may not subscribe to a pre-Tribulational model of the end times, but I see no need in mocking the view, even taking into consideration many of its fantastical confessions. For example, many pre-Tribbers believe that at the rapture our clothes will be left behind, perhaps as a witness to our resurrection. How is this belief substantiated? Because at Jesus’ resurrection, His outer garments were left behind (cf. Luke 24:12; John 20:5, 6, 7). Therefore, the view is not bizarre.

Another belief held by pre-Tribbers is that, at the rapture, planes will be crashing out of the sky, vehicle accidents will occur, and the world will be in utter chaos. But are these occurrences not merely consistent with the event itself? If there is to be a pre-Tribulational rapture, and non-believers will be left behind to endure the seven-year Tribulation, then planes will be crashing and vehicle accidents will occur and the world will be in utter chaos initially. Therefore, the view is not ridiculous.

If anyone feels a need to mock such a view, including the logically consistent inferences of what such an event would look like, then take into consideration that we will not actually know for sure that this view is inaccurate until the very end itself. In other words, there will remain a possibility that this view is correct until the event itself unfolds. In light of such a reality, humility is required.

But are the catastrophes advanced by the pre-Tribulational view really all that outlandish? Whatever timing is involved with Christ’s return, including all that may or may not occur, we at least know of the presence of angels snatching believers from earth to the sky to meet the Lord in the air at the sound of a loud trumpet blast that will be heard all over the entire earth. We know that the Son of God Himself will have gathered before Him all the nations, ready for judgment. The earth will be renewed completely, and nothing corrupt will ever again enter God’s new earth-heaven kingdom. These are rather fantastical future realities, are they not?

More to the point: Before anyone begins mocking the events surrounding a pre-Tribulational rapture view, including the events of the Tribulation itself, he or she needs to consider events like:

  • the plagues of Egypt, or
  • the parting of the sea (Exodus 14:16), or
  • the sun standing still (Joshua 10:13), or
  • the shadow of the sun going backwards (Isaiah 38:8), or
  • an axe-head floating (2 Kings 6:6-7), or
  • visions of angels with six wings (Isaiah 6:2) and creatures full of eyes, each having six wings (Rev. 4:6), or
  • the turning of water into wine (John 2:7-9), or
  • finding money inside the mouth of a fish (Matt. 17:27), or
  • people being raised from the dead (John 11:43), or
  • the incarnation, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus (John 1:14; 20:9; Acts 1:9), or
  • people speaking in languages they had never before learned (Acts 2:4), or
  • the fact that in our newly-resurrected bodies we will live with the Creator of the universe for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever (1 Thess. 4:17).

Given all of these nature-defying, spectacular events, I do not really see how any Christian of any end-times persuasion is justified in mocking the pre-Tribulational rapture view.

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