Peter Schiff, our endorsed economic forecaster for Prophecies Of The End Times Radio Ministry is sounding the alarm again as he did back in 2007 when the economy crashed…This video is 17 minutes of the most accurate information you will hear from a Wall Street Forecaster. We show this video not to get you ready for collapse, or to tell you to go out and buy $1,000′s of food…but to give you yet another tool, to help bring those that are lost into the Kingdom….show your loved ones this video…pray that they accept Christ as their Savior and Messiah.

2 Responses to Peter Schiff…”US ECONOMY POISED TO COLLAPSE 2014″

  1. Phillip Kapler says:

    Interesting. I just came back from a visit to Washington DC, and a speaker at the event was one of the key economic advisors to the President.

    I asked him, if he really thought the U.S. government could even afford a healthy economy now. The government is addicted to artifiially low interest, and high unemployment. If we experience GDP growth of 4 or 5%, which they say is a goal, capital crowding will raise interest rates in ways the Federal Reserve can’t control, exacerbating the interest burden associated with the $17 trillion debt. If we somehow, magically actually achieved zero unemployment (a stated goal) wage inflation would drive CPI up dramatically, and with it, all the indexed entitlement and operating program spending of the federal government. It’s literally, a rock and a hard place the Fed is between, and they know it.

    The President’s advisor argued with me (sort of) by dodging the issues raised, and scoffing that it would be silly for anyone to want slow growth and high unemployment. He didn’t address questions – how could the government, in the extreme debt position it now occupies, tolerate anything that could double it again?

    Under normal circumstances, the economic Shangri-La that Washington lip serves would be wonderful, but we are in the most fragile situation that the U.S. government has ever seen. Rapid growth would drive interest rates up no matter what the Fed tried to do to stop it. A fully employed population of workers would give workers leverage they have not seen in 30 years, that would result in pressure for real disposable incomes ito ncrease. Wage inflation, and Social Security, Medicare, Defense, and other granted program expenditures, already unsustainable, will skyrocket.

    The US government is as addicted to slow growth and high unemployment as a druggie is to heroin. Don’t think for one minute that the federal government really wants rapid economic growth or full employment. The patient’s immune system is so compromised that they can’t allow it. . All it would take is a mild case of the flu to kill this patient, and force the US government to explicitly,rather than implicitly, abrogate on the debt and become, literally bankrupt.

    Mr. Schiff is quite correct in his diagnosis. I am an economist, but I am not going to pretend to be qualified to comment on his investment advice. On the issues of government fiscal policy, I do consider myself an expert, and I believe he is one of the few people out there who actually sees what is coming. He seems like a nice guy, so I’m sure he hopes that he and I are both proven wrong. Do we hope in vain?

    Begin by voting out every incumbent in Washington and every state legislature. If any of them have the wisdom to understand our plight, it doesn’t matter – most sold their consciences to lobbyists for re-election long ago. For God’s sake, we owe it to our kids and theirs to give them something solid on which to build their own futures. Let us not go,quietly into that dark night..

    Phillip Kapler

  2. Phillip, thank you for your insightful comment..most Americans are waking up to the reality..and with people like you to help enforce the wake up call, maybe we can save a few…God Bless you

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