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(Washington, DC) — [CBN News] President Trump lit the National Christmas Tree for the first time alongside Melania and thousands of revelers. (Screengrab via CBN News Live/ White House Christmas Tree Lighting)

“As president of the United States it’s my tremendous honor to finally wish America and the world a very Merry Christmas,” he said.

Trump counted down from 10 while Melania pushed a button that lit up the national tree with silver and gold stars.

It’s a tradition that dates back nearly a century and started with President Calvin Coolidge in 1923.

“From the earliest days of our nation, Americans have known Christmas is a time for prayer and worship, for gratitude and good will, for peace and renewal,” President Trump said.

Thursday’s celebration featured a number of musical performances, singing, and dancing. However, President Trump reminded the nation that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

“For Christians this is a holy season, a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he said.

“The Christmas story began 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby Son, and the most extraordinary gift of all – the gift of God’s love for all of humanity,” he continued. “Whatever our belief, we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. There is hardly an aspect of our life today that His life has not touched – art, music, culture, law, and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person everywhere in the world.” (Screengrab via CBN News Live/ White House Christmas Tree Lighting)

He explained that Christmas isn’t about presents, but celebrating our unique identity.

“Each and every year at Christmas time we recognize that the real spirit of Christmas is not what we have, it’s about who we are. Each one of us is a child of God. That is the true source of joy this time of year,” President Trump said. “That is what we remember during today’s beautiful ceremony. That we are called to serve one another, to love one another, and to pursue peace in our hearts and all throughout the world.”

President Trump ended by asking God for his blessings.

“This Christmas we ask for God’s blessings for our family and for our nation.”

I cannot recall ANY President in my lifetime who boldly stood up in front of the Nation, to declare that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season and our Lord and Savior….but President Trump did. He also did this without mention of Allah, Islam, Muslims, Jews, or Judaism. President Trump believes that Christ is our Lord and Savior….. And Islam and Judaism do not.

Our country may be diversified and a culture of many beliefs as President Obama declared in one of his speeches to the UN. However, that does not mean that a leader has to exercise those beliefs, or even agree with them.

As the speech came in to media outlets, the hatred for Christianity, President Trump, and Christ poured in and journalists went crazy. One such story floating on the Internet is that Trump got basic Christianity wrong when he “suggested” that Joseph was Jesus’s father by stating in his speech…

The Christmas story begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son, and the most extraordinary gift of all, the gift of God’s love for all of humanity.”

As a Christian..everyone knows that Joseph married Mary to protect her from being stoned. Although she was carrying the Savior of the world, and that God the Father overshadowed this event and caused her to conceive without sexual relations, Joseph became the earthly father to Christ, as known by those who have read scripture.

It is the attacks that come from people who hate..and I mean HATE the Trumps, Christians, and religion, that bolsters this nonsense online and in the media. Journalists want to mock and scoff President Trump for his straight forward speeches and his plain way of speaking. They have had a president over the past 8-9 years who was considered a professor at Harvard in Constitutional Law. Who supposedly spoke very eloquently in front of the camera, but had a hard time recalling memories from his childhood without using a teleprompter. President Trump is hated for his success, his Christian Values, his comments, his speeches, his decisions, and his wealth. Journalists exaggerate and twist his words, lie about his dealings with businesses, and publicly expose his mistakes from his past before becoming a Christian in June of 2016. Can you imagine if it was you or me?

How would we respond to such attacks on our character? Our family? What if WE had a desire to do as much as we could for our country, and every time we attempted to do ANYTHING, we were shot down by our opposition? How do you think most people pushed into that kind of spotlight react? Journalists and media outlets who want Trumps head on a silver platter, will do ANYTHING to make him look like an idiot. A shameless society we live in. But not without judgment. And the time is coming, when that Judgment will be unmerciful by a God who will pour it out himself….for those of you who hate our may want to rethink your emotions, and consider the facts about Christ….it could save your life.


  • PMJ Sheehan
    Posted December 3, 2017 16:12 0Likes

    JESUS!.. the reason for the Pagan Season?.. please tell me your joking…. LOL .. The Christmas thing is ADDED to God’s Word and the Truth about Christmas is TAKEN AWAY so people will not even remotely think for one minute that ‘Jesus is a War Lord with eyes like fire, a face like lightning and is coming back to Judge and Damn ALL Sinners (churched or unchurched) to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone .. ref/Rev 22:18-19, Rev 19:11:16, 2 Thess 1:8-12, 2:10-12, Isaiah 8:20 ..

    Donald Trump ‘like most’ Americans, may call himself a “CHRISTIAN” BUT, his beliefs, associates, attitudes and priorities make it very clear that he is NO disciple/obedient HOT Follower of the Christ .. ref/Revelation 3:16, Luke 6:46, 8:21 .. .. ref/Jer 10:1-10, Gal 4:8-11 .. Selah.

    • PMJ Sheehan
      Posted December 3, 2017 16:22 0Likes

      ON MY MOST RECENT COMMENT .. regarding Christmas/Trump, the script at the end of paragraph one should have read Revelation 19:11-16 (not Rev 19:11:16) .. And let me add 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 regarding those who do Christmas .. (no doubt NOT taught by Messiah) .. thank you.

  • John Ashcraft
    Posted December 4, 2017 14:38 0Likes

    December 25th is when Krampus/ Satan/Lucifer enters the Antichrist (Obama) and he comes upon the world scene to bring in the Mark of the Beast, New World Order, One World Currency, and one world religion in January. Santa=Satan. Jesus Christ was conceived on December 15th in 4 BC on the first day of Chanukkah on the last Sabbath of the month. He was born on Feast of Tabernacles day 1 and circumcised on Feast of Tabernacles day 8. The rapture can be on Dec 14th (Wednesday) at the ninth month and 24th day, or Chanukkah 1 (Dec 15), Chanukkah 4, or Chanukkah 7-8. After the rapture (Psalms 117) of 400 million people comes an axial poleshift followed by the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of Revelation over a 9 month period. Armageddon is on the Day of Atonement (Oct 20th, 2018) according to Psalms 118:10. Psalms 118:5 is Day of Trumpet and Psalms 118:15 is Feast of Tabernacles (the Millennium).. Psalms 119 is all about the laws of God in the Millennium. A Christmas 2017 RAPTURE? When the Lights Go Out – Hanukkah 2017
    The Rapture on (or around) Hanukkah 2017? (CONFIRMATIONS)

    Dec 2017 Rapture: 4 quad-trillion to 1 odds in favor!

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