America is on the verge of seeing one of the most advanced stages of bible prophecy come to pass in literally dozens of generations.

Prophecies Of The End Times produces in depth studies and comparisons of how America runs parallel to Israel, Rome, and other world powers from the past. We focus on teaching you how history repeats itself, and how America and her people are destined to experience major catastrophic disasters under the hands of Satan.

As we research the scriptures, and listen to experts in the field of eschatology, we will post the information here on our site for you to read and learn from. Our focus is to find the key elements of what scripture has to say about America and her people, and to bring our nation back to God and revival.

We ask for your prayers and support as we seek the guidance of God and his holy angels as we travel abroad interviewing people from all walks of life..warning them of the coming days of the great tribulation period, and the return of Christ. We will be teaching those we interview about bible prophecy, and what role America has played thus far.


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47 Stevens St. Coldwater, MI 49036

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4:pm - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday:
To Be announced

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