• Greece debt repayment in full is 'unrealistic', says Syriza
  • As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes
  • Who is killing the great bankers of Europe?
  • 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Sinabang, Indonesia
  • 5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ile Hunter, New Caledonia
  • 4.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Grebocice, Poland
  • Bird Flu Found at Foster Farms Turkey Ranch in Central California
  • Plague is 'endemic in Madagascar': WHO chief
  • 1 in 3 on Disability Have Mental Disorder; 42.9% in D.C.
  • Canada Moves Closer to Approving Abortion Pill That's Killed Millions of Babies Worldwide
  • Canada May Legalize Abortion Pill That Has Killed Dozens of Women, Injured Thousands
  • Patricia Todd, gay Alabama lawmaker, threatens to expose adulterous colleagues opposed to gay
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