Speaking Engagements

Evangelist Michael Parker is now booking speaking engagements for your Church Function, Revival, or Prophecy Seminar. During the remainder of 2010, and for 2011 as the Lord wills (and tarries!) Michael will be preparing a nationwide tour of events for your Church and speak to the Saints regarding these end time matters of importance. With Messages that are written solely for the edification of the Church, Michael's sole purpose in this endeavor is to battle for the souls of the lost, charge up your congregation to win souls, and challenge those in Revivals to dedicate their lives to serving Christ. This is only accomplished with a deep commitment in those who wake up each morning and die to self, while making Christ first in their lives. Michael's presentations on End Time Prophecy are eye opening, packed with thousands of hours of research, and allow those who view and hear them to draw the necessary conclusions of our role in bible prophecy. These teachings have become a vital part of our Christianity in these last days. We challenge you to find a more complete and detailed presentation on these subjects.

Local Churches in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio

Michael lives in Sturgis, Mi. Just 5 miles from the Indiana Border, and just 30 miles from the Ohio border. Travel to these three states locally is quick and usually does not require an overnight stay. Contact us for details regarding these locations and times.

Churches across the Nation

Sections of this map are color coded to help determine the time needed for travel and arrangements. Contact us for details regarding these travels outside the Tri-State Area of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio



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