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Evangelist and Bible Prophecy Teacher Michael Parker has podcasts on Youtube, Spreaker, IHeart Radio, ITunes, and dozens of syndicated radio shows across the world.

Evangelist Michael Parker is CEO and founder of Fire Of The Holy Ghost Broadcasting Network, located in Coldwater. Along with his wife Melissa, the Parkers are involved and own Vision Pro Studios, the now parent company of all ministries owned by the Parkers.

Michael came to Christ in 2008 after a 27 year battle with Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. He also was healed of Cancer in 2012

Michael and Melissa both currently have ongoing studies with Christian Leadership Institute and Florida State College, studying Eschatology, and Certified Dietitian.

Michael began his Ministry full force after being healed of Cancer in 2012 and meeting his wife Melissa whom God used to help Michael make the decision of a lifetime. Oddly enough, through mere conversation, Melissa encouraged Michael to see a doctor to get a long overdue check up and physical. Conditions were perfect for the life changing news that Michael had stage 3 colon cancer, and that surgery was the only option along with extensive Chemotherapy.

After surgery, Michael attended Snow Prairie Bible Church with Pastor Frank Queen, and several men of God who laid hands on him for healing. Surgery removed the tumors and 90% of Michael’s colon. However, one of the tumors had penetrated the colon wall, and it was recommended that Chemotherapy was given. Michael was anointed with oil, and hands were laid upon him from the men of the church. One man, Duane Ferry, was allowed to be present, along with jesse Himebaugh, both whom Michael had graduated from High School with. Along with these two men, others were summoned.

Just 2 weeks after his anointing, Michael was called by his Oncologist in Elkhart, Indiana and was told that there was no Cancer present in his body. The tumor that had penetrated the Colon Wall and had spread the cancer throughout his body was removed.

According to the statistics of the Cancer Society, only 5 % of people diagnosed with stage 3 cancer remain alive after 5 years.

March, 2018 will be 6 years Michael has been Cancer Free…to God be the Glory. It was in March of 2012, that Michael asked the Lord to show him what he needed to do regarding his ministry…since that time, Prophecies Of The End Times has had brief time frames of absence on the web, and has returned to grow even stronger. With 8 daughters, and 12 grand children, their lives are very busy.

Both Michael and Melissa work full time jobs, and work their ministry during the week and weekends.

All praise, honor and Glory goes to God for his mercy and his grace upon The Parkers.




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