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Several years ago, Our ministry had a vision of an online Church, that could reach literally millions of people who may not have the luxury, the ability, or the means of transportation to attend a church where they can actually be a part of.

Being part of a community online, like a church, may be the only way some people have to reach out to someone in need.

As we endeavored to recruit the right Shepard for the congregation we knew that would grow, we prayed and waited.

When Pastor Mike Bradford answered the call, we accepted and never looked back. Even when Pastor Mike suffered numerous health and financial difficulties…he always remained positive and allowed God to work in his life and ministry.

Our friend, brother in Christ, and shepherd of our online Church,  Pastor and Evangelist Mike Bradford gives a message each Sunday. His messages are down to earth, where anyone can relate to what he has to offer. He speaks as if he has talked to you all your life. He is available to speak with via skype, and email. We have known brother Mike Bradford since the inception of our ministry. Speak frequently with each other, and have been inspired by one another to serve Christ. We compliment each other in ministry, and hold each other accountable for our work in Christ.

It is with the greatest humility that I am part of his Church and ministry.

You also can become an online member of our congregation. Just visit The Home Church Online, and discover our online community via Facebook and our online Church.

Contact / Location

Contact info

47 Stevens St. Coldwater, MI 49036

Gathering Times

4:pm - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday:
To Be announced

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