The Shemitah....

2015 could be a year of HUGE financial collapse... Read More

The Obama Constitutional right to Gay Marriage

Can Pastors or Reverends go to jail for not marrying a Gay Couple? Read More


The Kissing Bug is here from Mexico.... Read More

Trump Slams Obama with this.....

Israel faces its biggest threat... Read More

The Temple Mount

Can the King of Jordan, John Kerry, and Benjamin Netanyahu reach an agreement regarding the Temple Mount? Read More

Woman gets kicked out of Washington DC Cathedral

Standing up for Jesus in Washington DC will get you removed from their Church Read More


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Prophecies Of The End Times Radio Ministry, blog, and video ministry has been on the Internet since 2008. We had not accepted tithes, offerings, or donations until late 2013 when those of you who wished to give…gave…and in a joyful way.

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Murdered with Hatchets in Jerusalem

Israel in Shock After Palestinians Kill Four in Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre
Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun killed four worshippers in a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday before being shot dead by police, the deadliest such incident in six years in the holy city.

Three of the victims held dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and the fourth man was a British-Israeli national, police said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to respond with a “heavy hand” and accused Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of inciting violence in Jerusalem.


ISIS Beheads American and 18 Syrians

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants fighting in Iraq and Syria claimed in a video posted online on Sunday that they beheaded several Syrian hostages and an American.

The video came two days after a United Nations panel investigating war crimes in Syria said the extremist group has been receiving “external support” in the past four years.

In a highly choreographed sequence earlier in the video, jihadists marched at least 18 hostages, said to be pilots and officers from the Syrian Arab Army, past a wooden box of long black military knives, each taking one as they passed, then forced them to kneel in a line and simultaneously decapitated them.


GWOW Radio featured with this important post..

My good friends and brother/sister in Christ Rando & Bahms over at Gathering With Out Walls have been spreading the gospel with their ministry for 6 years.

Bahms has authored 2 books while Rando is also working on his first book, that will be announced in the near future.

They have a Internet broadcast radio station that is currently running 24 hours 7 days a week and spreads the gospel with a variety of messages and teachings that I am sure you will benefit from. Recently, they have also come across some difficult times that have availed them to ask for a miracle from our Father to provide the necessary funding to remain on the air, and to provide some basic needs within their ministry. Below is their Donation link. Please join me by sending a charitable donation to help keep their ministry online and to meet the needs they have at this time. Many of you have always been gracious when we have had this type of need arise, and I am asking you one more time, to allow God to bless you with this one too. I know these people personally, and you can be a blessing to them by giving financially for this need at this time. If each one of you give just $1.00, many thousands of dollars can be raised to help with many of the needs they have at this time…join me, as we give with a cheerful heart, and watch God bless you for your giving…


It’s ALL OUT WAR with Egypt and Jihadists (ISIS)

‘Full-fledged war’ across Egypt as navy attacked for first time, experts say
 First attack on Egypt’s navy comes less than three weeks after assault in North Sinai killed 31 soldiers
A militant insurgency is turning into a full-fledged war across Egypt, experts said on Thursday, hours after the army announced an assault on a navy ship, the first of its kind.The army said the “terrorist attack” on its boat in the early hours of Wednesday in the Mediterranean left five navy personnel injured, while eight others remain missing. Could this be ISIS?


Oil could plummet to $50 a barrel by February 2015

With the reports coming forth of massive oil reserves from a glut of oil world wide, the media is reporting oil could hit a rock bottom price of $50 a barrel by February 2015…but is this the truth? Is the media reporting the truth regarding the “oil glut” or is this a propaganda war to try and hurt Russia economically, and also ISIS so that countries can buy cheap oil anywhere? If it was an attempt to try and kill “two birds” with one stone, the genius behind it is in for a rude awakening..ISIS is now forming a plan to take over the country of Saudi Arabia…


Standing up for Jesus in Church during a Muslim abomination gets this woman kicked out of her Church!!!

WASHINGTON – A woman who proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ during the first-ever Islamic Jumaa prayer gathering at Washington’s National Cathedral was ejected from the building on Friday.

“Jesus Christ died on that cross over there,” the unidentified woman declared as she stood in the front of the room. “He is the reason why we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our lord and savior!”


Israel is blamed for recent violence on Temple Mount

Jordan reportedly says Israeli aggressions harm fight against Islamic State

Report says Netanyahu, King Abdullah set to meet for second time amid tensions on Temple Mount; report says king told US that Israel’s actions were harming international efforts to stop Islamic State group.

Roi Kais

Published: 11.15.14, 13:07 / Israel News

Donald Trump: “There has never been any bigger threat to Israel than Obama”

American tycoon Donald Trump criticized the White House’s treatment of Israel, saying, “There has never been a greater enemy to Israel than Barack Obama.”

Trump slammed the administration in an interview Saturday with former judge and prosecutor Jeanine Pirro on the show she hosts on Fox News, conservative website Breitbart reported.


A disease researchers are calling “the “new AIDS” is making its way into the United States from Latin America.

Chagas disease is transmitted by a black, wingless beetle that feeds on human blood, according to Business Insider. Because the Triatoma bug typically feeds near the lips of sleeping victims, it has become known as the “kissing bug.” After it feeds, it defecates on the victim, releasing a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi. The unwitting party then scratches the itch and smears the parasite into the wound.

Is the Shemitah cause for concern?

Jewish New Year Brings a Shemitah, Blood Moons and Unsure Future

Some months ago, I wrote about the blood moon phenomena as my friend, Pastor Mark Biltz, who discovered the connection to the overlaying of current events with the Jewish calendar, and how, during years when there were successive “super moons,” great or tragic things happen to the Jewish people and the land and people of Israel.

Gay Marriage IS a Constitutional Right?

For nearly 5 years, God the Father has revealed to our ministry the intentions of President Obama when he was elected in 2008. Shortly after he was elected, I was proclaiming that this President would usher in the End Time Countdown to Armageddon. Then, as he back tracked his stance of Gay Marriage and “came out of the closet”..well..the rest is history. If your a Pastor, and you’re reading this article, you need to make a decision and commitment to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..YOU must after today, make positively certain you are prepared to go to jail for refusing to marry gays…cause your about to be challenged.

Rats in NYC carry hemorrhagic fever

Everyone who’s ever used a New York City subway knows that they’re teeming with rats, and that said rats are, almost by definition, disgusting. But no one had quantified just how disgusting they are … until now.

Anti Christ – The Mahdi..are they the same?

Many people—religious and non-religious—are asking questions about a word they hear the media use when referring to ISIS and other Islamist jihadists. That word is apocalyptic, which is used when specifically referring to the fatalism of Islamists.

People wonder, why do so many Muslims (both Sunni and Shi’ite) operate with such an “apocalyptic,” end-of-world mindset?

Idaho Law states go to Jail if you don’t marry gays

City Threatens to Arrest Ministers Who Refuse to Perform Same-Sex Weddings

By Todd Starnes

Two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to $1,000 in daily fines, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court.

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Donald and Evelyn Knapp, two ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene.

“Right now they are at risk of being prosecuted,” attorney Jeremy Tedesco told me. “The threat of enforcement is more than just credible.”

Diplomatic Storm of the Century during Blood Moon Tetrad

As the second blood red moon has come and gone, it’s effects and warnings that God intended to give has slowly been seen coming to pass in Israel and around the world.

We hear that the peace process has been reignited with Kerry setting a time frame once again to accomplish the peace process, Ebola has spread to the United States, Russia has dug in and transferred Nuclear weapons to Crimea, ISIS has all but captured Baghdad, major typhoons have hit India and Japan twice, and drought continues to be the major judgment upon the land where in California, seismologists are warning of a catastrophic earthquake that could be imminent due to that drought.

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