Black Death Plague in Madagascar could mutate and result in apocalypse, warns expert

November 18, 2017 12:48 SGT

The Black Death Plague outbreak in Madagascar which killed more than 140 people is slowly emerging as an alarming sign for the entire human community in the planet. A section of experts believes that if the disease starts spreading to other corners of the globe, it will result in an apocalypse.

Paul Hunter, a professor at the University of East Anglia, has said that this dreaded disease could soon mutate and will become untreatable in the future. The professor also added that if the Black Death plague reaches the US and UK, it will spread drastically everywhere, just like Ebola did in the past.

World Health Organization also expressed their concern over the spread of this dangerous epidemic. “WHO is concerned that plague could spread further because it is already present in several cities and this is the start of the epidemic season, which usually runs from September to April,” said Dr. Charlotte Ndiaye, a WHO official in Madagascar, reports the Sun.

The worst outbreak in 50 years

The recent Black Death Plague outbreak in Madagascar is widely considered as the worst outbreak of this deadly disease in 50 years. In a recent talk with the Daily Star, Professor Kyle Harper of the University of Oklahoma said that this ‘third plague pandemic’ is the proof that this disease cannot be demolished permanently from the planet.

He added that the disease outbreak in Madagascar is not centered to the specific area, and it is soon going to emerge as a threat to people everywhere. Harper also cited the examples of the previous two plague outbreaks where the disease mutated soon, thus spreading to all nooks of the globe in quick time.

Even though there are no vaccines for plague, administration of antibiotics in the early stages could save the life of the victim. Harper also made it clear that threat of antimicrobial resistance is real. According to Harper, modern humankind has an upper hand over Plague today, but the long history with the disease demonstrates its vicious octopian clutches, which may soon emerge as a threat to humans if it undergoes mutation.

According to experts, this current outbreak in Madagascar is an airborne pneumonic plague, and it will be usually spread by cough, sneezing, spitting, and through contact with other fluids. Experts consider this pneumonic plague related to Black Death which resulted in the death of more than 200 million people in Asia and Europe in the fourteenth century.

Some 2,267 cases of the plague have been reported since the beginning of August, with more than three-quarters of these classified as the pneumonic form of the disease.Another 327 of the reported cases have been classified as the bubonic form, which is spread by rats and vermin.

Meanwhile, 81 healthcare workers have had illness compatible with the plague but, fortunately, none have died.

The latest World Health Organization (WHO) update reveals the outbreak appears to be subsiding, with only six people hospitalized for plague as of November 17.

However, speaking today at a Special Session of the WHO executive board, director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said health workers are still alert and prepared for any new outbreaks.

He said: “In one month, we were able to bring plague in Madagascar under control.

“Although because the transmission season continues until April, we must beef up surveillance.”

Madagascar reports cases of the plague every year but this year’s outbreak has been particularly deadly.

Dr Tim Jagatic, a doctor with Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), told about the cause of this year’s shocking outbreak.

He said: “From November until April, there tends to be an outbreak of an average of 400 cases of bubonic plague per year.

“But what happened this year is it looks like there was a case which happened a little bit earlier, in the month of August.

“If a bubonic case goes untreated, it has the ability to transform into the pneumonic form.

“It seems as though somebody who had the bubonic form didn’t get treatment, allowing the plague to transform into the pneumonic form.

As far as bible prophecy is concerned, in the last days before the return of Christ, there will be outbreaks and pestilence that will appear, as warnings to the world of what is coming.

Many skeptics and scoffers comment on stories such as these when Bible Prophecy is used to describe them, classifying them as  false, because there was no world wide plague or that a major catastrophic event didn’t take place because of the disease. Jesus describes the coming apocalypse in Matthew chapter 24, but what most scoffers and mockers don’t realize is that Matthew 24 is an account leading up to the Great Tribulation period spoken of by John in the book of Revelation.

Then, to make matters even more confusing for those looking for answers, biased journalists will refer to Revelation when something like this happens, knowing that man has invented solutions and medication to help prevent a world wide outbreak. They denounce any association with scripture, and then mock those that post information regarding “The End” as mere fabricated Christian lies…..The fact of the matter is so many people around the world do not believe in God, and journalists exploit that fact, and downplay the seriousness of the event.

God allows men time to repent. The warnings that Jesus spoke of in Matthew Chapter 24 go hand in hand with the book of Revelation and the final 7 years of this generation. When one reads the bible, and then begins to understand what it says regarding the last days, they could put today’s headlines side by side, and see the parallels that scripture has pointed out.  What makes these stories we report on even more convincing, is that not only is there a parallel, but a direct fulfillment of bible prophecy in our generation in a section of God’s word that explains “The Day of the Lord”, and the “Great Tribulation.”

That fulfillment is the description of events taking place leading up to the actual catastrophic and utter destruction of man kind at the end of this generation.

So, when you read about famine, disease, wars and earthquakes, tsunamis and climate change….read very attentively, because these are all things that will happen during the Great Tribulation Period, but will happen on a scale that will by the very definition of the event prove it is the end of the book of Revelation, and not he warnings of Matthew 24.

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