What America has come to…

This photo was taken this Morning in Washington DC….


And now you know why America has gone to the dogs, and the Big Dogs on the porch in the Capital feel the same way.

5 Responses to What America has come to…

  1. King says:

    Millions living happily without (true) religion…really??? But how long??? Religion is nothing, but simply a path to reach our Creator. Religion is not just going to church/temple/mosque,etc. once in a while and pray for money, luxury, long-life, blah-blah.

  2. shawn says:

    Earthly happiness only leads them to an eternity of misery. I profess no single “religion” per se , but accept the sacrifice of my lord Jesus Christ for my sins. I always try to do what is morally right which at time’s can be a struggle , But I know in the end, I am a better person for doing as the Lord ask us to do. Christianity is not a religion. It is a fact based on the one truth of our God and Lord Jesus Christ, Love one another, without it , we fail.

    • King says:

      Then according to you Christianity, is a factual religion. (God’s messenger/prophet/Son not only appeared for Christians, but for others too, in different form). Everybody boasts of their own religion (whatever definition is applied for it)…but NONE recognize the basic rule/truth practically, i.e., Love for one another…be it someone who is your neighbor or someone who lives thousands miles away!
      How many believes/understands God is one??? Whether be it Christian/Hindu/Islam/Buddhism, etc.
      And the argument goes on…and on…

    • sarah says:

      well god bless you;without god we well fail

  3. Americo says:

    So what? are you implying that we should consider “anything” to be the Truth just because everyone claims their “truth” to be the Truth? Is that how you expect your opinion to count here? From your lame logics one would conclude that, for instance, if everybody is assuming that they are wearing Breguets in their wrists then very probably they are, and no one has the right to even to try to argue or at least otherwise because that could be seen as a very HUGE intolerance, bigotory and the like, because we cannot tell or know the difference between what a legimate Breguet from what is not???!!! Rethink your ideas and be more reasonable next time.

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